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Thread: Another Resignation

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    Another Resignation
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    Another Resignation

    Hey folks, I just wanted to give anyone that cared a heads-up and a thanks to all of you that I've known and played with over the years. When I first started playing on TPG, I was mostly playing CS and OGX played a big part in welcoming me into the TPG community. Now, I find myself with less gaming time and what I have seems to be spent more on L4D these days. So, I've decided to change clans to align more with that.

    Anyway, thanks for everything, and I'm sure I'll still see you around the CS servers.

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    Another Resignation Another Resignation Another Resignation
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    Re: Another Resignation

    Good luck fellas, I play l4d2 every once in a while, I'm sure I'll see you guys again.

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