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    .:OgX:. Infrastructure .:OgX:. Infrastructure .:OgX:. Infrastructure
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    .:OgX:. Infrastructure

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    An OG is someone who has been around for a long time and is a respected member of their community.

    The leaders of our clan consist of the 10 current board members. Everyone on the board has equal authority and must vote on all clan decisions.

    1. Board Members that are inactive for more than 60 days will be demoted from their position. The remaining board members will then promote another member via majority vote.

    2. Members that are inactive for more than 90 days will be considered M.I.A

    3. Members considered M.I.A can be reinstated via majority vote.

    4. All members are required to wear the .:OgX:. Clan tag at all times.

    5. Any member can be removed from the clan via 3/4th majority vote.

    6. Members that voluntarily sever from .:OgX:. will have to reapply if they return in the future.

    7. Recruits will be initiated into the clan via 3/4th majority vote.

    8. Recruits will be asked to participate in a 10 day trial period before vote is initiated.

    9. Any member banned from TPG will automatically be banned from the .:OgX:. Clan until the ban is lifted.

    10. All members must abide by the rules and regulations of the TPG community.
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