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    Code of Conduct

    This is a copy of the Code of Conduct found in the Phoenix Clan private area. It is intended for members and prospective members to review the Code of Conduct and agree to follow the concepts described within.

    1. Clan Ethics - Phoenix and its members must at all times comply with the applicable rules and regulations of and those established by the Command and Staff. This clan will not condone any activities/unethical behavior of members that violate these rules. This clan does not permit any activity that fails the closest possible public scrutiny.

    2. General Member Conduct - Phoenix expects it members to conduct themselves in a positive manner that is reflective of this clan's ideals. Once accepted into the Phoenix clan, members are expected to refrain from abusive language (all forms regarded by the average person). This includes such examples as keeping or posting inappropriate material concerning topics of a lewd manner. In addition to this, only post in forums where you have permission. You are not authorized to post in "The Banned" and "Report Admin Abuse" areas unless you are banned or were a DIRECT witness. You are not authorized to post in the "Reservist Request" unless you are requesting a reservist slot. You are not authorized to post in the "Requests for a Clan" area. (You're already in a clan...) This is a serious offense, you will receive one, and only one, warning. Any further offenses will result in a minimum of a one (1) month ban from the private forums as punishment. The bottom line is, do the right thing.

    3. Conflicts of Interest - Phoenix expects its members to perform their duties conscientiously, honestly, and in accordance with the best interests of the clan. Members must not use their position, or the knowledge gained as a result of their position, for private or personal advantage. Regardless of circumstances, members who sense that a course of action they have pursued, are presently pursuing, or are contemplating pursuing, may involve them in a conflict of interest with either TPG or Phoenix, should immediately communicate all relevant facts to a site admin/moderator and the Command and Staff.

    Multiple clan memberships - The Phoenix Clan Command and Staff will not tolerate Members, or Recruits, to either apply or retain membership within the Phoenix clan, while they hold membership and allegiance to a different clan.This is what we call "Multiple Clan Membership Status. and it will not be tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

    If you are in this category, or are unsure if this applies to you, notify the Command and Staff so we may arrive at a resolution on a case by case basis. We will not permit members to retain membership with opposing teams/clans. Such as Resident Clans of TPG, and clans outside of TPG (regardless of orientation).

    4. In game Activities - All members of clan Phoenix share a serious responsibility for the clan's good public relations, especially during gaming. You represent and you are the Phoenix Clan. Members will avoid creating any clan interest or participating in any activity that could suggest formal intentions of clan business, this includes formal communications such as but not limited to recruitment, official PHX business, clan vs clan matches or any thing else that would be considered a clan wide event. You are authorized to invite/recruit some one in game to come to the forums and even tell them to stop by the Phoenix area, this is not to be confused with "come to OUR forums".

    5. Organization of Clan Records - Accurate and reliable accounts of many kinds are necessary to meet Phoenix regulations. These records, found in private member forums in the form of Sticky's, are a reflection of Phoenix and it's history, and should therefore be maintained for posterity. Such forums provided by TPG are considered a valuable resource to Phoenix and may prove to be Bylaws for future members. As such, member lists, ranks and all other relevant information found within are to be created/modified by appropriate parties only!

    6. Prompt Communications - In all matters relevant to Phoenix clan business, all members must make a reasonable effort to achieve complete, accurate and timely communications. This means responding promptly and courteously to all proper requests for information and to all complaints.

    7. Privacy and Confidentiality - Unless otherwise specified, all members will refrain from using actual and real names of fellow members within all game environments, forum topics, and any area potentially unacceptable.

    8. Punishment - Failure to comply with any or all of the above requirements, stipulates an acknowledgement by the offender that clan access, membership and privileges could potentially be revoked through expulsion or demotion without due process. All grievances will be heard in accordance with Phoenix and TPG procedures. TeamPlayerGaming, however, reserves the right to punish any member of Phoenix without the consent of it's member/leaders, and without notification to the offender.

    Appendix A: Leave

    i. If any member of the Phoenix clan does not vote in any posted vote in the private area of the clan forums for 3 (three) consecutive times then the member will me removed from there current squad in to a "Missing in Action" area. This is a form of probation due to inactivity.

    ii. If any member of the clan is absent (not logged in to the web site or game) for a period of over 2 weeks with out notice the member will be moved in to a "Missing in Action" area. This is a form of probation due to inactivity.

    iii. Members will be exempt from any recourse of action providing they inform the clan of there upcoming absence. By posting as much or as little information in the "Leave" sticky notifying the clan of your upcoming absence, including estimated start and end date of your absence. You will still be moved to the "Missing in Action" area but this will be an excused absence.

    iv. Members who stay in the "Missing in Action" area for over one month are subject to being honorably discharged from the Phoenix clan.
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