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    Welcome to the Victrix forum and thank you for showing interest in ::VTRX::

    First of all we take pride in the quality of our clan, not the quantity.
    Our primary game of choice is Battlefield 3.

    We are involved in multiple games such as BFBC2, BF2, L4D2 and more however our focus is on BF3.

    At this time recruitment is now open for BF4.
    At this time recruitment is now closed for BF3.
    At this time recruitment is now closed for BFBC2.
    At this time recruitment is now closed for BF2142.

    Currently we just have one requirement of new recruits as follows: (subject to change)

    -You must be a rule abiding member of the TPG community. You can find these rules here:
    2142 players -
    BC2 & BF3 players - (same link as above, but consider rules and regulations also apply here.)
    Follow these rules and you may be well on your way to becoming a Victrix clan member.

    Things we currently do not require but would like to see:

    -While we would like to see you contributing to the TPG community, you are not required to be a paying reservist.

    -Use your mic. We thrive on communication as we're a collaborative group of team-players; therefore, if you don't have a mic, get one.

    -You will not be required to participate in clanwide functions but clan activity is what makes us grow, both in size and as quality players.

    -At this time we do not have a post count or activity requirement. You are not required to be active in the forums, although this does help us to get to know who you are and we would like to see you being active at TPG.

    At this time Victrix is currently reviewing applicants for approximately 14 days. During this evaluation period, Victrix members will discuss, review, observe and vote upon the recruit. Approval/disapproval is by majority vote. After this process the recruit will be notified of the status of their application.

    For applying, please provide the following (copy/paste onto a new topic):
    • Your game name(s), and the name(s) of the games you are applying to Victrix for.
    • Which members of Victrix have you gamed with?
    • Please let us know whom referred you here.
    • Link to your Battlelog Profile.
    • Link to your GameMe stats for the TPG servers (N/A to BC2 recruits).
    • Give us approximate days of the week and times that you play, so that we may seek you out in game.
    • Have you read and understood all the above?

    After posting your application (with all the above answered), navigate to:
    Top right corner of your screen, you'll see Settings/My Account/Permission Groups/, scroll until you see VTRX and click Join Group.
    This button is only preparation until your access be decided upon the conclusion of our review.

    If you have any concerns or questions regarding recruitment please feel free to contact or Private Message one of the Victrix leaders:

    Option hunter
    Stupid N00bie

    Stop by our public forums put in your application or just say hello!
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