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Thread: Who is Victrix

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    Who is Victrix

    Before Victrix became a resident TPG clan it used to be just Cebelius and Kilo running around the server with Victrix as their clan tag. When Cebelius and Kilo recruited and we became a resident clan we talked about adding something to better separate it from the player name. The first idea was just to do something like =Victrix=, but that is a bit long and '=' is pretty common in clan tags already as it is. So to shorten it, we borrowed another idea from the Romans from which our name was derived and eliminated the vowels. Doing so gave us VCTRX, however, VTRX was much more sensible from a "clan tag" point of view. To differentiate the tag from the player name, we added the '::' to either side and thus the ::VTRX:: clan tag came to be.

    Victrix (in the context in which we used for the clan) was a designation bestowed upon a few select Legions and Auxilia of Rome. The title was to note - not so much the common Vulgate translation of Victor (which it certainly means) - but that the bearer of the title was Victorious... Victorious in a way that could never be removed, reduced, or doubted. An example to all in the Empire and to all the World that where that Legion went, all should render the respect and honor due the title. Only two Legions were ever awarded the title AND bore the title throughout the legions history until it disbanded in honor. This is of the 186 or so Legions and Auxilia raised in the 600 year span that the Legion model was in use. That is the XIV Gemina "Martia Victrix" and the XX Valeria Victrix. Legio XX Valeria Victrix is perhaps the most famous outside of Caesers XII and XIII Gallic Legions and Marc Antony's VI Legion - having served EVERYWHERE in the Empire and finally finishing its days in Britannia and Gallia.

    The Victrix clan motto is Gloria Merces Virtutis, Glory is the Reward of Valor.

    So - by being Victrix, we hold ourselves to the standards of Honor, Loyalty, Dignity, Professionalism, and Tenacity that are the spirit and legacy inspired from those Legions. We are Victrix:

    Clan Leadership
    Option Hunter(Lead)
    Blood_Thirst(Second, Enforcement)
    Stupid N00bie(Third, Recruitment)

    Active Members
    Awesom-O (Former Lead)
    bbhos 8/16/10
    Cebelius (Former Lead)
    Cybs (Former Third)
    Jonas Quin (Former second)
    Kilo33 (Former Second)
    nsRaven (Former Lead)
    Trailhunter (Former Second)


    Allane - 5/31/10
    BaronvonHog - 4/28/08
    blackgold - 10/11/08
    DJ Mr. White - 08/30/08
    xXKJ12Xx - 6/14/09
    RangerX279 (M.I.A.) - 02/01/10
    U.S.Grant (M.I.A.) - 02/01/10
    Kajer888 (M.I.A.) - 03/10/10
    SrgtSmashmouth - 03/16/10
    YourseIf. - 02/02/11
    Alshazin - 8/16/10
    BlackSpecOp 8/16/10
    NapalmUndies - 8/16/10
    Pale-Horse - 8/16/10
    Saurus - 8/16/10
    Warhammer2110 8/16/10
    * Founding Members

    ? - Lost at sea since our move to TPG

    Clan list set up for mass VTRX Private Message:
    animanegra; Awesom-O; bbhos; biggm2007; Blood_Thirst; BrokenApe; Cebelius; Cybs; FatallyDead; Hungapoe; Jonas Quin; JunenBug; kilo33; Krueluck; LuciusThaddeus; Maestrale; mikeN; Option hunter; nsRaven; psychonitrous; RA69; Spike113; Stick07; Stupid N00bie; trailhunter;
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