Almost 2 years ago....there were 2 clans that roamed the css servers everyday. There was never a day when you would not see any members of these clans on. Those clans were WMC and REBORN. The clans were really starting to grow at a very fast rate and there were times when more than half the servers would be filled with REBORN and WMC members, but the bigger than clans grew..the more ego began to build. It was starting to get pretty out of control for both clans, it finally reached a point were both clans pretty much collapsed and lost nearly all their members. Alot of those members are gone with the wind now..but some of the members that did leave have found better places in TTP that fit their needs. WMC and REBORN were having a very tough time building back up.With both clans deciding to change the way they recruit players and deciding to strictly become a pub clan, It was making it very hard to attract members. At some point WMC leaders and REBORN leaders started talking about the IDEA of merging the existing clans into one unit to become a clan that sets examples of TEAMPLAY in the servers. Both clans had been competitive in leagues but thats not the direction they wanted to go. After alot of talk and speculation the 2 clans made it official and joined forces to become Alpha Wolves.