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Thread: Alpha Wolve's Open Application.

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    Alpha Wolve's Open Application. Alpha Wolve's Open Application. Alpha Wolve's Open Application. Alpha Wolve's Open Application.

    Exclamation Alpha Wolve's Open Application.

    Alpha Wolves is now accepting open applications

    -Alpha Wolves leaders/members will look at your application
    -Your app will then be transferred over to the AW private forums where it will be discussed and voted on
    -The voting process will last 3 days (Maybe shorter if majority is reached)

    *TIP* more stuff the better!
    1. Name? Also Steam ID to help out.
    2. Main game/ other games you play?
    3. Tell us a little about yourself?
    4. What as a member can you bring to the pack?
    5. Why do you want to become a part of Alpha Wolves?

    Thank you for Applying

    Members of Alpha Wolves

    When and if you are accepted you need to get access to the private forums. To do this go to your settings in the upper right corner. Then click on permissions groups, from there click on the little radio button next to join group (Alpha Wolf clan). One of the Mods will than accept you...

    Upon being accepted into the AW clan, TPG now allows you to wear a tag [TPG] as well, So if you prefer to wear the TPG tag just make sure to set AW as your in game clan when we invite you to the steam group, Or if you want to set TPG as your in game clan and wear the regular AW tags you're welcome to do that as well.
    Welcome and enjoy your stay!
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