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  1. After Stuxnet: Iran says it's discovered 2nd cyber attack
  2. Westboro Baptist Church Fail
  3. Syrian government crackdown on protests
  4. tears over "spending disclosure"
  5. Petraeus 'next head of CIA', Panetta to lead Pentagon
  6. SETI in jeopardy?
  7. Oh rumors
  8. Obama releases his birth cirtificate, shockingly, Truthers move the goalposts again.
  9. Obama to cut $4b in welfare
  10. Rent Liechtenstein!
  11. Athiests Seek Chaplain Role in the Military
  12. Pakistan adds transexual as a gender
  13. Wild IHOP fight video
  14. TPG, Drugs And Censorship: Where does it stop?
  15. The Royal Wedding
  16. Osama Bin Landen Dead Fox News Confrims
  17. Osama Re-Hash. Scrambled Brains and Toast for Breakfast
  18. President Obama Roasts Donald Trump At White House Correspondents' Dinner!
  19. War in Afghanistan
  20. Obama...Murderer?
  21. CIA director: Bin Laden death photo to be released
  22. Rumsfeld confirms: Waterboarding did not net intelligence that led to bin Laden
  23. Obama decides not to release bin Laden death photo
  24. Syria charges hundreds with 'degrading the state'
  25. So eating healthy is bad for you
  26. Editorial I just read this morning
  27. Thank goodness we didn't show the pictures :/
  28. Cushy Prisons
  29. Presidential Nominees for 2012
  30. Hasidic Newspaper Edits Clinton Out of Iconic Situation Room Photo
  31. Rail grants to improve transportation
  32. Concealed Carry on Campus passes Texas Senate
  33. Liberal Break-away state in AZ?
  34. 5 State of the Art Military Technologies That Helped Take Out Bin Laden Read more: h
  35. will us debt ever get controlled?
  36. Chinese Stealth Helicopter
  37. Zero-Tolerance (Sense) Strikes again
  38. Imams kicked off flight due to "uncomfortable passengers"
  39. Attempted Flag Burning at Louisiana State University
  40. A win for those of us with systems.
  41. Question regarding Texas Knife Laws
  42. Why I hate "hackers"
  43. Microwaving Death
  44. Pakistan Parliament Slams U.S.
  45. Yeah, sure.
  46. 513 illegal immigrants stopped on two US Bound trucks
  47. Rewind: GM, Bailout and Share Prices (yup this again)
  49. Violence and Sex in Video Games
  50. Another Hero from the Upper Mid-West
  51. Gotta Love the TSA's ineptitude
  52. Police Harass, Threaten to Shoot legally open-carrying Philly man
  53. Republicans bash Obama over declaration on ‘67
  54. Internet Kill switch
  55. Illegal to smoke outside.
  56. Another Vaccine Autism Study...
  57. Why mentally ill should not be in the military.
  58. Peter Fonda....out for Blood?
  59. It's OK to be Takei!
  60. The Rapture
  61. Dems and reps not the same?
  62. So you want to be a scientist
  63. Arizona doesn't care what you want
  64. With allies like these...
  65. A great time to live in NYC
  66. Intesting article about Ecosystem
  67. I never thought i say the KKK did something right
  68. Really budget cuts is what caused this?
  69. Drug Tests for Welfare recipients
  70. Badass Apache Combat Footage!
  71. Selling a Kidney for an iPad?
  72. European E-Coli outbreak
  73. Another top al qaida person found.
  74. Oh those British
  75. Illinois for allowing terrorists to buy guns?
  76. DADT issue again.
  77. Pawlenty tax plan.
  78. Gaddafi files lawsuit.
  79. Many U.S. employers to drop health benefits: McKinsey
  80. Must read political news.
  81. This is why we can't have anything nice..
  82. China aircraft carrier confirmed by general
  83. Sex Scandal and Resignation
  84. Alabama joins Arizona
  85. Election 2012 - Such an awesome Bumper Sticker
  86. Recording cops gets you 42 years?
  87. Tenn. law bans posting images that "cause emotional distress"
  88. Democrats in 2012
  89. Rick Perry
  90. 'US Africa embassy bomber Fazul Abdullah Mohammed dead'
  91. Replacement to nuclear and Coal energy?
  92. Capitalism humor...
  93. Belgium govermentless for longest time in modern history
  94. Anonymous attacks Spanish police site because Spanish police did their jobs
  95. A depressing situation
  96. Something to lighten the mood
  97. CREW files suit against Speaker Boehner over DOMA defense
  98. Important 2012 Election Video
  99. california schools suck
  100. US Drug War
  101. Another lemonade stand fined.
  102. Self defense or murder?
  103. Its not the bovernments fault its yours.
  104. Wow
  105. New York Marriage Law... maybe.
  106. Japan radiation clean up.
  107. Poor dog
  108. Libya calls for global jihad.
  109. Chained dog bites girl....
  110. man robs bank for to get medical help
  111. Member of Lulzsec arrested
  112. ATF/Drug Cartel firearms sales...
  113. FDA to Use Graphic Warnign Labels.
  114. Chinas warning to US
  115. Houston-based Southwest pilot suspended for on-air rant (w/audio)
  116. I pray that people can get 'school prayer' right.
  117. Harbinger
  118. lulzsec hack Arizona DPS
  119. HR2306
  120. PM vows to end jailed terrorists’ privileges
  121. Drama Forum video thread
  122. Iran accuses US of supporting terrorism.
  123. TSA yet again doing us proud.
  124. US court rejects California ban on violent video games
  125. Just gone to damn far.
  126. Blago found guity on 17 corruption charges
  127. The other tpg.com (.au) has advice from Carl Sagan
  128. End Hispanic/Black History Month
  129. HOA Halts Construction of Paralyzed Army Vet's Home
  130. Doctor secret shoppers
  131. Anonymous Apparently Declares 'War' On Orlando
  132. Pawlenty Raises Skepticism Over Climate Change
  133. Recent Gold Cup (Soccer) Tournament - and the media's "hands-off" approach
  134. Anybody else think this a bad idea? North Korea chairs UN Arms Control Agency
  135. Assault Charges for passing gas
  136. LOL to media types stepping on the own tender parts
  137. Nuclear Iran. This will not end well.
  138. Budget Speech review....
  139. Total Screwup Agency
  140. Interesting Cahrlie Sheen article
  141. Oil Spill in the yellowstone river
  142. Another Gaza Flotilla
  143. Casey Anthony Trial
  144. Couldn'tthis one go by.
  145. Debt cieling dispute.
  146. New Source of Rare Earths discovered
  147. Policy shift in presidential condolence letters
  148. Some kids have more common sense then their parents.
  149. TSA warns of possible airline threat involving implanted bombs
  150. Breast to go not just for KFC anymore
  151. Just Wow - Atlanta Public Schools, bunch of cheaters (And not the students)
  152. Violent Earth
  153. North Korea Documentaty
  154. What are you?
  155. Oh the irony.
  156. Props to Texas
  157. Life can be tough.
  158. Why you should know your allergies before you act.
  159. Might have to move to Texas.
  160. Oh i know this is gonna piss some people off.
  161. If you've become disillusioned with Obama...
  162. China's debt
  163. Know your limits.
  164. Bill Maher, Republicans, and the Casey Anthony Jury
  165. wtf arizona?
  166. News of the World (and another) phone "hacking" scandal
  167. Science just making shit up now?
  168. Women dubbed murderers because of miscarriages? Really?
  169. Should this be a punishable crime?
  170. And you thought America had it bad
  171. Too funny
  172. Greenpeace attacks Canberra GM wheat
  173. fuckin loopholes
  174. inmate fire fighters
  175. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee plays the Race Card (again), this time over Debt
  176. ROFL TSA
  177. Best budget cuts we could make.
  178. Really?
  179. Should government control electricy?
  180. Evo driver stops rape, gets stabbed and shot
  181. For Dex...Al Franken
  182. Contessa gets Owned *vid*
  183. Just sick
  184. Rudolf Hess’s Remains Removed From Grave
  185. Saw this month ago but no one ever posted anything.
  186. Major explosion in Oslo
  187. Amy Winehouse Found Dead
  188. Banned Women Gamers.
  189. This is your brain on football
  190. Misleading articles.
  191. I feel so bad for BP.
  192. Someone finally starting to figure it out?
  193. Should the US default or not? That's the question.
  194. its Hit or Miss in Texas. This one is Right on.
  195. God Bless America
  196. The US Debt
  197. I'll take "Don't take no sh!t" for $500 Alex
  198. whats with wacky soldiers and fort hood?
  199. On Sheila Jackson
  200. Truck Nuts as protected Speech?
  201. Resisting arrest or survival instinct?
  202. open carry advocates
  203. Firework Laws in your State/City
  204. Cool thread of Jon Stewart entertaining the troops
  205. At what point in time do you take a hint?
  206. FAA re-authorization not passed. 4000 furloughed, 70000 more out of work.
  207. 1/6 of Dutch clergymen are atheist
  208. New Orleans officers convicted over Katrina shootings
  209. S&P Lowers U.S. Long-Term Credit Rating
  210. Michele Bachmann Silent On Teen Suicides In Her School District, Opposed Anti-Bullyin
  211. Man shoots off penis
  212. Damnit...fires....and riots.
  213. The Obama "Find a Clue" and "WTF" Bus(t)our
  214. Owning a word should it be legal?
  215. In reaction to the Syrian crackdown
  216. Oh no he didn't
  217. Trouble mounting for Obama?
  218. Inside the London Riots
  219. Health care bill slowly sliding down the shitter.
  220. 4 Dead, 30+ wounded after Stage Collapse at Indiana state fair
  221. Pawlenty, gone from the race
  222. Penn Jillette's New Book
  223. Real Life "Rapture" - Who's in? Who gets spliced first?
  224. Food for thought.
  225. Tobacco companies sue federal government.
  226. Its not your fault.
  227. Boycott On Campaign Contributions
  228. ACLU being retarded yet again.
  229. OK this one is funny.
  230. Felonious Monk Presents: Stop it B
  231. Ready for another failed stimulus?
  232. Who wants $2 a gallon gas?
  233. Florida couple charged for ‘hoarding’ 700 cats
  234. An interesting article
  235. In-Flight Warning For Toy Story 3
  236. China vs USA Basketball Brawl
  237. Judge apoligises to a con?
  238. This is not justice.
  239. Second recession?
  240. Libyan Civil War nears close...well the first one anyways.
  241. Kim's wedding crashed
  242. Rick Perry is a raging idiot.
  243. NYPD leaning forward with their counter-terrorism efforts
  244. Triade on ineffective Government - NSFW
  245. Gamestop stopping your from gaming?
  246. Marines ban farting.
  247. Ron Paul Up in the Polls
  248. Women can fight...from inside their homes
  249. Third hand smoke ban?
  250. Hospitals price gouging for back door meds.