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  1. BP on a killing spree?
  2. Minimizing Carbon Footprint
  3. Great article on BofA
  4. Stop resisting! STOP RESISTING!!!
  5. Greece again. But ONE Grecian just fcking nails it:
  6. Dentist removes all of patients' teeth
  7. Obama ad
  8. MCA dead at 47...
  9. Savages
  10. This guy needs to suck it up.
  11. We should all wish we had friends like this.
  12. What do you guys think?
  13. Boycott Big Beer
  14. Google 14, gets drivers license.
  15. Romney pretzel logic.
  16. Faith
  17. Another reason why organized religion is inherently bad
  18. West Virginia, really?
  19. Obama backs gay marriage
  20. Political Correctness cited as cause for continuing pedophile ring abusing children
  21. Carroll Shelby dies at 89
  22. Help me out......
  23. Real, useful, public/political dialogue.
  24. Only 32 percent of veterans think Iraq War was successful
  25. Good guy Israel
  26. Virginian Republican legislature is complete shit!
  27. A wisdom beyond her years.
  28. Beating a dead horse I know but...
  29. Appropriate metaphor - FTW!
  30. Vets to give back medals
  31. But I wanna talk about my points!
  32. Boxer banned from mall
  33. DG, if you thought you were going to escape the dumbasses by moving to PA from Florid
  34. Here's your chance Fov.
  35. Loan Scams on Indian Reservations
  36. How about that taped interview with Rev Wright about Obama? Eh?
  37. Facebook
  38. Greedy F'ing capitalists...
  39. When is enough truly enough?
  40. Letter from Reagan
  41. Certification for Stupidity.
  42. Religion now wants to ban the internet!
  43. Whodathunkit....some few in the media actually taking heed of reality?
  44. Man Loses $22,000 In New 'Policing For Profit' Case
  45. I thought only...
  46. Vatican sex scandal comes to light (pun intended)...no little boys involved
  47. I feel so much better about the future of the world...
  48. 43 groups suing Obama admin.
  49. Occupy Retards
  50. Ramble on...yes it is from Salon
  51. Whats wrong with people?
  52. Fox News viewers know less then others (the national version)
  53. When stupid reigns
  54. Abu Ghraib...not so bad
  55. Iran says it has no reason to stop enriching Uranium to 20%.
  56. old disney propaganda
  57. Troubling time in the middle east
  58. Well, well, Mayans.
  59. We just keep lowering our standards.
  60. Could use a few more like this guy.
  61. Change
  62. Deadliest U.S. Corporations
  63. Bravo
  64. Why health care isn't free.
  65. TED talk: Afghanistan
  66. Corruption breeds.
  67. How little things have changed
  68. A good guide to the Wisconsin recall elections
  69. Stealth destroyer
  70. If a woman made this comment...
  71. Abu Yahya al-Libi Dead
  72. Gramms right!
  73. Map of the World
  74. More change you asked for
  75. Unions and Recalls
  76. Indiana legalizes shooting cops
  77. The real reasons I'm voting for Obama and not Romney
  78. Oregon man reportedly contracts the plague.....
  79. Obama suspends deportation for thousands of illegals
  80. Clash of Civilizations
  81. Obama's Former Harvard Law School Professor
  82. Rodney King found dead
  83. Check this SHIT OUT! It´s just OUTRAGEOUS!!
  84. The true hero
  85. Father of Kidnapped Son Gets Revenge
  86. Obama asserts executive privilege on Fast and Furious documents
  87. Free College Education
  88. DEA agent won’t admit heroin more harmful than marijuana
  89. Paintball with Hezbollah
  90. bullied bus monitor
  91. OH the irony.
  92. The Newsroom
  93. SC rules on Immigartion
  94. Schools Teach That ‘Existence’ Of Loch Ness Monster Proves Creationism
  95. See Asia like Asians do
  96. Federal government wants more people on food stamps
  97. This is
  98. People went crazy over rainbow oreo.
  99. TSA drops grandpa
  100. Well
  101. Christianity Buff
  102. Chuck Norris Fact: Bigot
  103. Affordable Health Care Act upheld!
  104. supreme court strikes down stolen valor act
  105. Political ads only
  106. Banned Books in Arizona
  107. Man Plagued by Porn-Induced Headaches
  108. This made me giggle.
  109. Tea Party Zealot calls for overthrow of the government.
  110. uhm
  111. The Wealth of Nations - interesting article from The Economist
  112. Lie to me!
  113. Well this just sux
  114. Probably should be a hero
  115. Test your knowledge of he Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  116. As if i needed another reason not to go back to school...
  117. Not sure if real but all the same
  118. Cern announces discovery of Higgs boson
  119. 'Blade runner' Pistorius handed dream double Olympic ticket
  120. Lifeguard loses job over assisting swimmer outside of patrol zone
  121. Westboro Baptist - 0 Texas A&M - 1
  122. Freedom of religion
  123. Gay men might be allowed to donate blood again soon.
  124. WTF
  125. And we thought American politicians were rough
  126. Yet more proof...
  127. Ah the irony, it hurts. Bully is "Anti-Bully" Bill Sponsor
  128. CBO "The rich pay an outsized share of taxes"
  129. Checkpoints Unlawful?
  130. Stella Liebeck vs Mcdonalds - Hot Coffee Documentary
  131. Which recent president was the biggest spender? Which was the smallest?
  132. Man kills 5 LA Gang members.
  133. No Spec-Work
  134. When can you shit yourself and still be cool?
  135. Syrian weapons of mass destruction
  136. I wonder what this is about? Hmmmm...?
  137. Barack Obama Was Against Healthcare
  138. Tea Party leading the way
  139. Did I miss something?
  140. Most important announcement evar
  141. 71 YO Throws Lead
  142. President Obama: Warrior in Chief
  143. This is what happens when you dont know the law.
  144. cyber technology hate crime
  145. Candy for DeathGod
  146. Shell's propaganda for children.
  147. The military's romantic side on display
  148. Colorado Movie Theater Shooting
  149. Corporation who pays no taxes demands lower taxes
  150. Ultra rich elites have hidden $32 Trillion in offshore tax shelters.
  151. United screwed the pooch.
  152. National Geographic, this is an embarrassment.
  153. Just....I don't know...prius over-exposure perhaps?
  154. Eagle Scouts stand up to the Boy Scouts of America
  155. Do Not Track
  156. Ahahahahahahahahahaha
  157. Linguini for the win.
  158. Thought this was interesting
  159. night hunting
  160. It just needs to stop
  161. The Slo-est of Mo.
  162. If only.
  163. For those of you with children
  164. What pussies we have become.
  165. So - Physician shortages worsening, who's surpirsed raise your hands
  166. Fracking...is freaking awesome
  167. Police Militarization in Anaheim, CA
  168. Yeah, Mon.
  169. Romney's Tax returns Lol.
  170. For all the women of TPG
  171. Romney Reductio Ad Absurdum, "Red States Have Bad Culture
  172. Cool internet map
  173. uh...what?
  174. Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting
  175. We landed on Mars!
  176. What's that you say?
  177. That prop in Arizona sure works great!
  178. On voting machines
  179. Romney VP pick has been named!
  180. Just how lazy have people gotten?
  181. Touch me right there. A little lower... lower... ahhh.
  182. Dishonorable discharge
  183. How to defeat tyranny
  184. dave mustaine is a tool
  185. Oh, Kentucky, why am I not surprised?
  186. 17 Year Old Girl Arrested for Swearing on 911 Call
  187. Do not use Rage's name in vain.
  188. The Pussy Riot Debacle
  189. Paul Ryan Hypocrisy
  190. SMBC FTW!
  191. Canadians "Infesting" American Costco
  192. Lawd haf mercy, she done dropped a vulgarity
  193. Thank god for natural defenses
  194. New York - Civil Disobedience Seen As A Viable Option In Metzitzah B’Peh Battle
  195. Just a little bit controversial: Niall Ferguson: Obama’s Gotta Go
  196. Complete MSL Curiosity Descent - Full Quality Enhanced 1080p + Heat Shield impact
  197. Is nuclear power the way to go?
  198. Dog found on 14'er.
  199. This is one thing thats wrong with the world.
  200. The Checkpoint
  201. Where's the SPAM
  202. Norway killer Anders Breivik ruled sane, given 21-year prison term
  203. Mitt Romney Hypocrisy
  204. Another reason to vote for Obama
  205. Legitimate Knowledge In The Digital Age.
  206. Empire State Building Shootings
  207. The fat lady is just clearing her throat now...
  208. RIP Jerry Nelson
  209. Pregnant Two Weeks Prior to Conception
  210. Republicans and Democrats should be terrified of this movement...
  211. PENN STATE 'Sweet Caroline' BANNED from Football Sing-a-longs
  212. Choom Gang, say what?
  213. Mock Election Day!
  214. The First Lady a slave?
  216. And now for some none American news
  217. How NOT to pick a name for your clothing store
  218. Lied to, already.
  219. Ron Paul Party Detained on Private Jet by TSA
  220. Clint Eastwood RNC speech.
  221. WAG THE DOG
  222. Regulation gone bad...
  223. TPG in the news! Or a lesson in reading carefully
  224. Sound familiar?
  225. Kumar hosts DNC Feed.
  226. The future...
  227. Social Security plan B...
  228. Seriously ?
  229. An example of how bad US healthcare is
  230. Go Viking!!
  231. Oh look, an election quiz
  232. Wow. The Dems should probably stop bragging about saving GM.
  233. Are we really better off?
  234. More evidence surfaces to suggest just how much warning Bush had before 9/11
  235. US embassy attacked.
  236. Xav is saved.
  237. What is wrong with her?
  238. Is this a hoax?
  239. WHAT!?!?!
  240. Romney & Monsanto
  241. What has he done?
  242. Sad day for Alundil
  243. OK this is pretty cool.
  244. Obama's Ministry of Propaganda
  245. The secret Mitt Romney tape.
  246. Now this is ironic.
  247. What a mess.
  248. Bill Maher doing work
  249. Romney Tax returns
  250. The path to christ