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  1. This is why FOX NEWS is #1 in ratings...
  2. This guido needs an ass whooping
  3. US Plane bombed; Nigerian Man with reported ties to al-Quaeda sets off explosive
  4. News: Woman maimed by suitor fears more reprisals
  5. 33 Conspiracy Theories
  6. CIA Bomber a Triple Agent
  7. Obama pledges $2.77B for Israel in 2010
  8. New Airport security body scanners break child porn laws
  9. Bribery in Congress
  10. Woman with 9 kids claims she was sterilized against her will
  11. Iron Dome
  12. Whoops? 2 tonnes of ammonium nitrate missing?
  13. Suicide Bombing In Russia Kills 6 Police, Wounds 16
  14. Chicago Police may scrap entrance exam
  15. 'Negro' Race Choice On Census Form Sparks Outrage
  16. Terrorists in Gaza resumed their attacks
  17. Iran presses Hamas not to deal on Schalit
  18. Presidential Approval Tracker
  19. Google is scared of Islam
  20. Two arrested over 'NY bomb plot'
  21. Another bomb hoax.
  22. Republican Hypocrisy on Terrorism Reaches New Levels of Awful
  23. US preparing military for possible Iran conflict
  24. Ahmadinejad: Iran will not fall on its knees before the world
  25. Sarah Palin Joins Fox News
  26. Props to this guy
  27. Afghans optimistic
  28. Not a great day in Haiti
  29. Obama seeking bank fees to cover billions in TARP losses
  30. Ross Kemp- Gaza & Israel.
  31. Nuclear weapons plant locked down due to Hunters
  32. China accused of launching cyber attack on Google (and others)
  33. Illegal Haitians allowed temporary stay in the US
  34. John Bolten on Iran
  35. Prosecutor in Iran assassinated
  36. "The tea-party ripoff"
  37. ACOG sights inscribed with Bible Verse
  38. IRAQ finally starting to drill for oil....
  39. TSA taking data from laptops?
  40. 'Iran ordered attack on Israeli convoy'
  41. Hmmmm...IPCC apologizes for Himalayan Glacier claims
  42. Obama proposes limiting bank size
  43. Hamas accepts Israel's right to exist
  44. Amreeka
  45. Why is the US helping Haiti?
  46. USA Today Poll on Gun ownership
  47. Obama announces initiatives for middle class
  48. Possible follow-on to the Glacial Melt snafu?
  49. Supreme Court ruling opens up foreign involvement in our political system?
  50. State of the Union address...Who's watching it?
  51. I hate the State of the Union Adresses
  52. Bin Laden blames US for global warming
  53. $6.7bn U.S. arms headed to Taiwan
  54. Obama Takes Questions at GOP House Issues Conference
  55. Filmmaker Who Targeted ACORN Arrested
  56. Montana begins it's case for state rights.
  57. China warns Obama not to meet Dalai Lama
  58. Christmas Day bomber giving "useful" information
  59. Learn anything new in Iraq? This Soldier did...
  60. France Denies Citizenship to Moroccan man who forces Wife to wear a full Veil.
  61. Full Body "Back-scatter" Scanners
  62. Retarded Videos from our retarded Government...
  63. Goldman Sachs Wants You to Pay-by-the-Mile to Drive on U.S. Roadways
  64. Wall Street Journal: "Prepare for an apocalyptic anarchy"
  65. The new mainly abstinence vs mainly safe sex debate thread.
  66. Ahmadinejad Says Iran Is Now a 'Nuclear State'
  67. WH Press Secretary Scribbles Notes on Hand
  68. Ten Commandments.
  69. Key 'climategate' scientist cleared of wrongdoing
  70. I thought the debate was over? World might not be warming?
  71. Attack on Australian government (websites)
  72. Texas Board of Education and the Re-writing of American History
  73. education
  74. No.2 Afghan Taliban Leader Captured
  75. Obama was right to chastise the Supreme Court justices
  76. Interesting Poll
  77. Possible Terrorist attack in Austin
  78. Ahmadinejad vows to stand by Hizbullah
  79. IAEA has expressed concern.
  80. Democrats ready to use reconciliation to pass health care bill ??
  81. CNN: Dutch Cabinet dissolves...
  82. school "spying" on students
  83. US Tax Code Foxholes
  84. How come...
  85. Protest over Catholics
  86. Let us get down to the nitty gritty.
  87. Obama Caught Lip Syncing
  88. Patriot Act extended for one year....
  89. Should the bar be held liable?
  90. U.S. Aiding Somalians retake Mogadishu
  91. Detective gets 160+ lap dances on taxpayer's dollars, makes no arrests.
  92. Adam Gadahn arrested
  93. India's Quota Bill
  94. Brazil's sanctions on the U.S.
  95. CIA spiked bread with LSD
  96. WTH? No salt at restuarants in NY?
  97. Americans devalueing their own goods and services
  98. Corporation running for Congress.
  99. 'Hated Israel will be annihalated'
  100. Indiana: Governor Daniels signs new Gun Law
  101. Healthcare bill? Where it be?
  102. www.GOP.com
  103. Health Care Reform Fight Shifts From Congress to the Courts
  104. CO2 didn't melt this glacier...
  105. La Migra
  106. Hitler Discovers Republicans Have No Ideas
  107. Do you have health insurance?
  108. IRS is getting some POWER?
  109. LP email on Healthcare I recieved.
  110. Bill signed only 36 hours after House Vote
  111. Should Biden step down?
  112. Talk about "F'd" Up - In school clinic sets up teen abortion
  113. Health bill lawsuits are going nowhere
  114. A few health care questions answered
  115. Just when i thought Florida was doing good
  116. Grade Obama's First Year in Office
  117. HR 4872
  118. Oh great....Military's going soft on us....
  119. Meanwhile...elsewhere in the world...
  120. Freudian Slip? Reid votes no on Healthcare Bill
  121. CBO report: Debt will rise to 90% of GDP
  122. Attacks on Moscow Subway
  123. RNC getting its freak on!
  124. Citigroup: US to sell its stake in bailed-out bank
  125. John Bolten gives his inside scoop.
  126. Freeing Energy Policy from the Climate Debate
  127. Awesome question asked to John McCain
  128. Karl Rove tries to sign books.
  129. Marine Dad Ordered to Pay Legal Fees
  130. Um... MSNBC has a freudian slip?
  131. Iran nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri 'defects to US'
  132. USS Nicholas ATTACKED by pirates.
  133. Global Warming Activist frozen
  134. I heard Obama say...
  135. HOA Asks Marine to Take Sign Down
  136. The Chick who blew up Moscow
  137. Tension in South Africa
  138. I'll just leave this here
  139. Hamid Karzai says.......
  140. Maricopa County Sheriff
  141. U.S. Court Curbs FCC Authority on Web Traffic
  142. Nearly half of US households escape fed income tax
  143. Al-Qaeda terrorist in Afghanistan makes fun of Obama's slogan.
  144. Obama has testicles?
  145. Death of major powers
  146. Obama: "Al-Qaida would use nuke if it could"
  147. The Grand NORTH KOREA Thread.
  148. Schools interesting lunch policy
  149. Teachers, students, theorists and debaters...
  150. Death penalty for sex offender?
  151. For Obama Fans
  152. Militia member says he wasn't aware of any plot
  153. This is why we carrey guns...Way to go dude...
  154. al-Qaida in Iraq Top leaders dead
  155. The Birth of Israel
  156. Arizona's Racial Profiling Bill
  157. Are school lunches a national security threat?
  158. Vacationing a Human Right? The EU thinks so.
  159. Your source for news
  160. Birther Bill
  161. Navy Seal Trials
  162. British Prime Ministerial Debates
  163. President Obama attacks critics of bank reform bill
  164. "Muhammed" Censored on South Park
  166. Obama stole my bike.
  167. Saras e-mail hacker trial.
  168. Real Reason SEC Did Nothing
  169. Arizona immigration bill passes...
  170. Promiscuous Women Cause Earthquakes?
  171. Boy Scout Case
  172. Arizona Conceal Carry without permit
  173. Afghanistan: Drugs, Guns, Money
  174. No End in Sight
  175. Crime in Chicago
  176. Video Game Ban to go to Supreme Court
  177. Drinking Age
  178. Homeland Security Bulletin
  179. AZ Immigration Law Already Backfiring
  180. Pot meet Kettle - Mexico acknowledges migrant abuses
  181. Puerto Rico Bill
  182. Oops - guess Immigration wasn't as important as he claimed
  183. How cash strapped is Michigan?
  184. Obama: “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money”
  185. Priceless: Obama crying...
  186. Things you aren't happy about with Obama
  187. Make it illegal to protest funerals petition.
  188. Bomb Scare in Times Square
  189. NY Representative blames South Park
  190. Sen. Mike Bennett Caught Looking at Porn on Senate Floor
  191. GOP not so Popular
  192. Absolute Bullshit - Sent home for wearing an American Flag T-Shirt
  193. Why immigration laws don't matter.
  194. Times Square Terrorist
  195. Bye bye Osama!
  196. cops kick mexican vid
  197. Oil spill solution idea....so simple.
  198. New Supreme Court Nominee
  200. Mullah Omar???
  201. US oil industry watchdog to be broken up
  202. North Korea reports nuclear fusion success
  203. Iran 'sentences Newsweek man in absentia to 13 years'
  204. Fungus hits Afghan opium poppies
  205. Just How Big Is The BP Oil Spill?
  206. IPCC's Parchauri says climate body must 'listen and learn'
  207. 13-Story Mosque opening 9-11-11...Guess where?
  208. autistic boy accused terrorism????
  209. Slip of the Tongue
  210. Racial profiling to fight terrorism
  211. UN picks new climate change chief
  212. SCOTUS: Sexually dangerous can be kept in prison
  213. Iran signs nuclear fuel-swap deal with Turkey
  214. Freedom of the Press? No questions please.
  215. No Life without Parole for Youths
  216. Another hypocrite.......
  217. Rand Paul defeats Trey Grayson in KY primary
  218. This is disgusting
  219. Clinton warns North Korea on sinking of South's ship
  220. check out my badass muhammad drawing
  221. teen werewolfs... really??
  222. Oil Spill Pictures
  223. Red Cross teaching Taliban first aid....
  224. Cop Shoots Woman's Dog While Asking For Directions
  225. Recon flights approved over IRAN.
  226. Talk about depressing - Debt Clock
  227. Girl Gets Owned By Dr. Norman Finkelstein
  228. Hmm - pot meeting kettle - Mexican Immigation Laws
  229. Gun Rights in Jepardy
  230. Obama unveils Gulf of Mexico oil spill response
  231. Stupid hillibilles abusing cattle
  232. The cost of 72 hours of security? 1.1 Billion+ (G8/G20 summits)
  233. China 'will not protect' Korea ship attackers
  234. Mass. Passing Law similar to (or <gasp> worse than) Arizona's....country oddly silent
  235. Iran hid Warhead making equipment from IAEA
  236. Axis of Evil trading amid Sanctions
  237. Flotilla was full of Hostiles
  238. Iran amassing enriched uranium
  239. Gore and wife split
  240. H.O.A.'s are evil
  241. Congress and SIPRNET
  242. Man somehow goes on 12 person killing spree...
  243. Bin Laden on British Airways
  244. Oil to reach East Coast soon?
  245. Ohio police allowed to "guesstimate" your speed
  246. U.S. drone strikes blur the lines of war, UN warns
  247. Do you approve of Hamas
  248. Castro Comments On Obama
  249. Do you approve of Israel?
  250. "Sexting" Leads to Felony Porn Charges for Teens