View Full Version : Where are my damn Monkeys?

08-17-15, 09:30 PM
They said they would give us monkeys this last weekend but none were to be seen. I had to settle with making monkey noises as I chased people thru the woods.

08-18-15, 01:28 AM
Maybe just on the official servers?

08-18-15, 09:30 AM
I read somewhere 'Early Tuesday morning'

08-18-15, 02:01 PM
Lots of feces to throw.


08-18-15, 02:31 PM
From Reddit:
update #5
Upcoming Version: v201.0, ETA: Tuesday Early Morning EDT

Max Player level raised to 77 and max player XP raised to 185,000
Various improvements to the Dye UI layout and flow (you can now switch dyes dynamically when dying items, etc)
AZERTY/Slovak Keyboard bindings now work

Nubsly- (https://www.reddit.com/user/Nubsly-)

Update #6
Upcoming Version: v201.0, ETA: 3pm EDT Deployment!

Fixed a bug where mateboost was breaking after a dropping a dino... and other bad things were happening due to that too :-P
Titanboas now drop eggs ;)

permalink (https://www.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/3hbbmd/patch_notes_upcoming_version_v2010_eta_see_thread/cu79eqe)

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Well I guess I'll be spelunking tonight :) thanks devs!!

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Don't forget to bring a hard hat!
And maybe a new forest dwelling buddy? :D