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10-15-15, 02:52 PM

So our baby anky hatched last night! Our raptor and dilo babies unfortunately died...pretty quickly in fact. Couldn't keep up with the meat demands. The raptor ate an entire trough of meat in under 3 minutes. @_@;

They seemed to have fixed the ultra-sensitivity the eggs had to heat and cold, we can now leave our eggs in a circle of torches (raptor, dodo, ankylo, or dilo) at all the same temps and walk away as they incubate (no more babysitting them for hours).

I know there are still issues with the meat eaters (hopefully to be fixed with today's update), but the herbivores seem fine. Went to bed with a 'Baby' anky and woke up with it as a 'Juvenile'! It's size increased (still pretty small though) And it's about 30% in maturation bar so far. Still berries left in the trough too!

Parents Bill and Hillary are thrilled. :)

10-15-15, 03:16 PM
It will take less meat with the new update but you still have to hand feed for a very...very...very...very... long time. I think it will take a couple more patches to balance it out I would guess.

I am hoping they make the initial stages less meat and labor intensive and extend the amount of time before it becomes mature. I would think 5->10 real life days to mature makes sense since you are eventually going to be breeding super dinos.

10-15-15, 03:19 PM
From reddit:

"These times are absurd I spent 7 hours hatching and trying to keep a spino alive but I need sleep and even by staying up way to late I wake up to it dead because your patch says I have to hand feed them for the first 10% WTF, so much for the mountains of food I left in the 6 feeding troughs.TL;DR AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!!!!!"

10-15-15, 06:25 PM
I guess I lucked out then with the ankylo, just missed the update for hand feeding and he's already now almost 40% grown. He's eating a lot from the food trough. I still need to fill the trough every hour or so with pages of berries. But even when it runs out, he seems to survive it fine while I go get more.

Perhaps they're not quite as delicate as before.

10-20-15, 09:09 AM
Thank you meena and trex express for finding my argentavis. I fell to my death and my bird disappeared.