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Thread: Report Problem Players

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    Re: Report Problem Players

    Quote Originally Posted by SmokenSherriff_ View Post
    Many of us have seen the "other". Just didn't realize this much crap was stacking up on unfairly against Rooster. Also didn't realize Rooster was gonna blow his mind and flip out of control in his response. Much is not reported cause when he is killed in spawn for example, he just spawns somewhere else. He doesn't make a report on some bullshit spawn camping accusation.

    it wasnt bullshit myself told the admins i was out of the safe zone when i did it over 5 times they specd him they decided

    ive been told since i joined TTP/TPG regulars are held to a higher standard and admins are held to the highest standard

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    Re: Report Problem Players

    First of all I think we need to get something straight. I reviewed this entire thread (and a few others of the same nature) and normally this is how it goes.

    Reporter: So and So has done something that I want to bring to the server admins' attention.

    Site Mod or Admin: Thank you for your report for the information we will look into it.

    Reported Party: "That did not happen that way" or "I am sorry for my actions and let's just play the game"

    This is a server business thread and should be treated as such. When someone is mad and attacks someone personally in this type of thread they are told to take it to another thread or to the PM's. Hell once people start attacking each other personally they are usually told to take it off the forums entirely. From what I understand there is an issue between Rooster and Dakasaur. Rooster believed Dakasaur was making obscure references at him in side chat. Rooster addressed this by calling Dakasaur names. Dakasaur reported Rooster here. The issue was addressed in teamspeak.

    Rooster then continued escalated the situation in this thread by continuing to call Dakasaur names. A sit mod told Rooster to stop. That should be the end. If two players cannot get along on the server they should not interact with each other. If the behavior breaks the Server or Forum rules it will be dealt with. My advise is everyone directly involved with this issue needs to back away and take a breath. If players want to have a conversation about what is going on do it somewhere else. Preferably without the name calling.

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    Re: Report Problem Players

    I'm sorry, this is a fight that I will not back down from. Clearly, I have allowed my public image to become has diluted and distorted by reacting to a group of people that want nothing more than to get a reaction out of me and anyone else who they can manage to fuck with. Is this their fault that I reacted this way? Absolutely not, but I won't allow them to open their mouth and take cheap shots at me. It's one thing to do it in game, but when you bring it out of the game, and into the forums and make claims against me that have no backbone to them, then you have crossed my line. You all clearly want the whole book (edit: except Merritt), now I'm gonna give it to you.

    The amount of shit that they have spewed in my direction and in the general direction of ALL admins at TPG has largely gone unnoticed. I'm sure if you studied the chat logs from the last month or so, you'd begin to see the whole picture. I didn't associate their constant shit talking to as anything other then general shit talking. Moving Target provided many good examples of this. He always likes to poke fun at me for rage quitting after he blew up my base at green mountain a few months back. Saying things like "Don't worry, Rooster will rage quit soon anyways" or, "Learn to aim Rooster, you are horrible". General shit talking IMO.

    That is until the day his/his buddy's base got raided and I "spawned camped him". Long story short, I was doing my part in assisting a raid on his / his buddy's base by cutting off anyone who would spawn at the western spawn, so that they would have to run from another spawn point in order to get back into the fight. I was ~ 100-200 meters away from spawn and running back and forth. He decided to run in my direction, every time he would spawn and each and every time he did, I would kill him. I was killing him because he was a threat to the mission. Not because I wanted to camp him as a freshy. He could have easily just run out the other door and flanked a few hundred meters in the opposite direction, but he chose to keep running at me. He did this, for one reason, and for one reason only... To try to entrap me in some kind of crime that I was not committing.

    He quickly joined TS and accused me (in front of everyone) of camping him in spawn and made a big deal out of it, so much so, that he was moved by Hub into a separate channel to diffuse the situation. Hub then spectated me and found that I was doing nothing wrong. Hub will attest to this. Yes I was killing him close to spawn, but he had every opportunity to run the other way. Or hell, even grab a gun and kill me (Guns do spawn in the spawn point you know), and if all else failed he could of chosen to spawn somewhere else. When I realized he was still crying to hub, I lost my cool. I'm not a cheap player, but I will do what is necessary to help my team, and in this instance, my part was to prevent players from getting back into the fight. So please drop this spawn camping bullshit from any argument anyone of you has against me. I don't camp people for shits and giggles, if I'm doing anything related to camping, it is to ensure that my team comes out the victor.

    You see, when this group of people loses in game, they resort to alternative methods to try to make up for how bad they actually are. They have INTENTIONALLY camped spawn points (Just because our rule states that the second you step out of the spawn, its free game), stolen multiple vehicles from people who couldn't (at the time) defend themselves or property in the trade zones (again because of the rules) and talked massive amounts of shit with no real substance to it. The list is unending with this group, but God forbid anyone give them a taste of their own medicine, cause they'll report you on the forums.

    I made the mistake of playing this game as a player first, and an admin second, I let my anger with this group get the best of me. They won but they won't let it stop there, instead, they continue to poke and prod at me. This is dakasaur's 2nd claim against me. If you forgot how much sense he made in his first one, just visit the admin abuse forums. These people will stop at nothing to belittle not only me, but the community itself.
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    Re: Report Problem Players

    Let's be clear here. Report problem players threads are designed specifically for the purpose of (wait for it...) reporting problem players (players who go against the rules)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ace22 View Post
    1. Cheating/Hacking/Exploiting is not tolerated.

    2. Respect other players. Racist actions will not be tolerated, this includes voice and chat.

    3. Do not spam or abuse radio/side chat.

    4. Do not base Kamikaze (aka. make a deliberate suicidal aerial crash into an enemy base).

    5. Do not combat log.

    6. Building in or around spawn zones and walling off traders is not permitted. Ask an admin or post on the forums to clear up any grey area to avoid having your based removed.

    7. No killing in safe/spawn zones.

    8. Respect the administration of the server. In game is not the place to handle administrative issues. Appeals to Bans, Claims of Admin Abuse, or general concerns with the administration of the server should be handled in the forums at TeamPlayer Gaming - TeamPlayer Gaming
    These are the rules.

    This isn't a thread for discussion, if you have a problem with a player
    calling you out please use either a dedicated thread or PMs.

    Calling someone a faggot is not against our rules. We appreciate the input but please note, Arma games tend to make passionate players and those players will get hot headed, lose their cool with you and ultimately call you names occasionally.

    All I can say to that is :

    Stay classy Arma 3 players.

    Now go play the game!
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