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Thread: Steam Arma III Launcher

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    Steam Arma III Launcher Steam Arma III Launcher Steam Arma III Launcher Steam Arma III Launcher
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    Steam Arma III Launcher

    Steam Arma III Launcher

    Step 1: Download the necessary mods found in the Downloads/Installation/Connection sticky.

    Step 2: Place the downloaded zip files into the Arma 3 folder. One at a time right click on the zip files and choose the option “extract here”. Once the files are unzipped you should have four new files in your Arma 3 folder.


    Look inside these folders to insure you have the correct version (IE Epoch, mas 1.8).

    Step 3: (Optional) It may not affect your game, but I placed my bikeys inside the Keys folder in my Arma 3 root directory. The bikeys are found inside the @ folders. Just copy and paste.
    (C:\ProgramFilesx86\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Arma 3\Keys) – my path

    Step 4: Inside your root Arma 3 folder find the arma3launcher.exe.

    Steam Arma III Launcher-folder-jpg

    Right Click and run it as administrator

    Steam Arma III Launcher-untitled-3-jpg

    Click on the MODS tab and then click on the Settings icon in the top right.

    Then select the Add option

    Steam Arma III Launcher-add-jpg

    Then select the Arma 3 folder and click OK

    Steam Arma III Launcher-untitled-jpg

    And your setting should look like this

    Steam Arma III Launcher-sett-jpg

    Go to Mods and select your mods (note you will need the FOUR additional and latest mods -not 3 as depicted here)

    Steam Arma III Launcher-mod-jpg

    Click the orange PLAY button in the bottom left
    Find the TPG Server
    Join the Fun

    I know that this is more involved than say, A3Launcher, but it works and will not thow up the error trying to get into the server that I have seen.

    Attached Images Attached Images Steam Arma III Launcher-file-icon-jpg 
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    Steam Arma III Launcher Steam Arma III Launcher Steam Arma III Launcher
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    Re: Steam Arma III Launcher

    Updated for latest mod requirements.

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