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Thread: BF1 New maps

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    BF1 New maps BF1 New maps BF1 New maps

    BF1 New maps

    Zeebrugg and Heligoland Bight are maps with ships! It dies quicker than BF1942 ships but they added many ships! And small blimps and planes and torpedo boats.
    There's also land batteries to shoot the vessels. I need slam mines to stick on the rocks to IED kill them as per BF4. Not that many snipers on these maps as per the usual. A Dreadnaught also comes into play but it doesn't do that much damage to infantry as other maps with it in play.

    I like these 2 maps.
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    BF1 New maps BF1 New maps BF1 New maps BF1 New maps BF1 New maps
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    Re: BF1 New maps

    I actually saw a jackfrags video about these new maps and they look pretty exciting. I might have to pop back over into bf1 and check them out
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