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    Just found this little gem of a piece. I love reading about EVE, the politics, battles, and drama, but I never can force myself to get into it. Seems very complicated, a time sink, and ultimately too cut throat of a video game for me.
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    amarr. losing our shirts but having a great time doing it.
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    Hehe - Civil and I are on the same side. It's ranger and (4) who're on the wrong side

    Which faction are you in? The Gallente steamroller?
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    you guys are both noobs. i never quite understood how you guys managed to get on opposite sides of this in the first place. weren't you all in my little pwney for awhile?

    anyways i happen to be in FW for over a year now. i like the smaller, faster, ganky stuff
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    Nice writeup Civil.

    EVE is full of those fun little moments and that's part of the draw for me. Now if only I could time travel 20k years into the future and be a pod pilot hehe.
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    Maybe we can Get Beach Body to pay for a video card to give away?
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    I say we have a little P90X contest full 90 days. Open to all and most improved wins. Voted by the members. But let's make it somehting good to win.

    We would datestamped current photo (not to be shown until contest is over). Then at the end submit the last photos to be published with new photo and put up for vote.
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    Same for me, running or P90X in the mornings before work...damn this sucks!
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    another 5 day break? Push ups in BF3 don't count.
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    Good luck man
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    never get a personal trainer, worse advice anyone could get with the availiblity of information on the internet and the meat head, bro science principles most of them use.

    keep at it, do it every day. make it a part of your life. i know you have a family to provide for but you gotta make time for yourself to stay healthy, im sure they will all respect that. remember losing weight is also about your diet. dont think about going on a diet, just change what is wrong with yours ie not eating enough meals, cutting down on net calories, avoiding pop/soda, getting proper amounts of dietary fats/carbs/protein.
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    So after slacking for about 5 days I got back on the wagon tonight. Now just to do it again tomorrow.
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    Resolution day 3, workout #2. Completed one full circuit, so progress is being made.
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    I read somewhere that P90X didn't work. One lady watched the whole season 1 of P90X and didn't lose any weight. She hoped that next season will work better for her.

    JK. I have P90X as well, but I mostly just use it for the stretching and yoga as supplement to my normal climbing workout.
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    I have the P90X DVDs, but have never done them. Insanity is made by the same people, Beachbody, but doesn't require weights, bands, or a pullup bar, and relies exclusively on body weight. Once I prove to myself I can stick with it, and finish Insanity, I will likely do P90X next.
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    Civil, have you ever tried P90X? It's awesome. You get a personal trainer in your home with Tony Horton. It's hard work but it's worth it. I plan on getting back to it soon, as I have slipped a bit. My health is going to be #1 this year along with getting a FN job.
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    Probably my resolution, too. A med I was put on last May gave me the munchies something awful, by the time I learned to control it, I put on 40lbs. Definitely, don't like where I'm at either.

    Just remember to always have something on your stomach before you go workout (like an hour ahead of time...carbs). With the intensity of your workout, you'll faint with no energy in your body...a biological blue screen. Also, have a protein bar or something after the workout.

    I also recommend having an iPod with you. Either something you could mosh to/beat the shit out of someone/dance to. Music I could dance to is stuff I usually run listening to, while music I would mosh to is what I like to lift weights to.

    If you have the money, get a personal trainer.
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    helping you become the most popular blog
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    Quote Originally Posted by WileECyte
    blog is short for weblog.
    Brownie points

    And to civil- I thought the very same thing when we moved the first time... however, I guess we'll have to see where the community takes it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vafaskillz
    I wouldn't have read this if it was an article...but a blog. Hell yes.
    I think that is a good way to look at it. Articles have a certain format that they must follow since they will be on the front page and have to have certain items.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the articles, but I'm not about to read every single one of them. Articles will help draw more people in as a whole since they will be on the front page. Blogs are meant to be more personal since as WileE said, they are web logs or web journals basically.

    For instance if I just want to vent about my day, I can do that in a blog without cluttering up the forums with seemingly pointless rants. I don't always feel like posting something in the "Man I really Hate it..." area so a blog would be good for that and only people who actually go digging a little to my profile will see what I have to say.
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