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    Picked it up a couple weeks ago, and lovin it.

    They recorded it in Grohl's garage, and I think that really adds to the tight feel of it. By far their best album yet.
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    i love foo fighters thanks dre.
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    They should, and I bet its not that hard to code a little more just to get any controller workin in game. But no, we get screwed.
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    We shouldn't have to use mods though to make a perfectly good controller work with any game we want to use them on.
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    There's a "mod" you can get that messes with the way the controller is read. Makes it think its a 360 controller, and sometimes works. But most of the time everything is backwards.
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    hahahahahaha, I usually never read these things, but this got m yattention and gave me a good laugh.
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    Those dirty bastards. I don't really understand why they don't support other controllers anymore. I get they want to push the XBOX 360 controller since it is a MS product, but it's not like it's brand new or revolutionary or anything.

    I love my controller. It's a nice Game Elements Recoil that works great for the few games I actually use it with. Fits my hands comfortably and everything. It is more like a PS controller, but I'm like you and have been with Sony since the PSX so it just feels more natural to me at this point really.

    Not really surprising though that they cater to MS though unfortunately.
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    I need to get myself back into writing this too