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    Woops, forgot to clarify in the frametime log: the red line is the actual frametime. Green is GPU frametime, and Yellow is CPU frametime.
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    There's also something for PC's that seems to be underneath it all. Whether it's visible on the screen or not, it's almost immaterial. You get more responsiveness the higher the FPS. You may not see it but the game plays more fluid for you. This is mostly your first person shooters but I've had it in other games. When you want to move 1/2th of a degree, you can do it.

    Also, sometimes it's less about the maximum fps rather than the minimum. If you can achieve a SOLID 60 or 120 fps, you're gaming experience should be pretty damn smooth.

    Getting 240 FPS but having major dips to sub 60 isn't going to do you much good.
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    The "frame rate" at which the eye can see is theoretically very big (like, millions of FPS). It's been proven we can see images (by the air force) displayed for 1/220th of a second. NVidia ran a study and found that the eye can perceive up to 200 frames per second (but didn't study higher fps within that study). However, as you said, the FPS is directly linked to the refresh rate of whatever your using (it's not necessarily equal to it, but these days, it's safe to say the refresh rate of computer monitors are generally equal to the FPS it's able to show).

    Whether you decide to invest in a 120Hz monitor or not is your decision, but I plan on at least trying one out in the near future.
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    Speaking from experience as someone that until a few months ago used a 120Hz monitor and a rig good enough to maintain 120 FPS constant, its a world of difference from 60Hz and 60 FPS. Much smoother. It is hard to go back to 60Hz on the laptop I am now using.

    But to your question, some games limit the net settings based on your FPS. Such is the case in CSGO. So on a 128 tick server if I am only getting 60 FPS I am limited to 60 ticks per second. Not good.

    And as to what the human eye can see, it is my understanding that we do not see in frames per second at all.
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    Well, a pretty mediocre showing of the game, but it's at least something to actually see the game.
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    I actually played through the game with a PS3 controller, but then switched to the keyboard after I was done. I MUCH prefer the keyboard for some reason, and have gotten some of my best times on the stages with the keyboard. WASD for movement (Since there's no diagonal input, he just runs perfectly straight. I find it to be pretty accurate for movement). I set up my numpad keys to emulate the gamepad positions, 4-5-6-and 8. Takes a bit of getting used to, but so would using a controller for Battlefield 3.
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    Since you bought it on the PC, did you play it with a keyboard or a controller? I for one can't imagine playing a sonic game without using a controller.
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    Great game. I tried to get into it a year ago, but couldn't find the time. Lately, I've been playing it more and I love it. I lost my first five fortresses due to bad planning and design... and almost lost my current fortress due to flooding! Now, I'm just mining as deep as I can until I find some more FUN.
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    I love this game. Only recently got into it at about the fourth attempt because the learning curve is that steep (read: effing vertical). However, after reading about the exploits of Boatmurdered (google it if you don't know already) where they decided to solve their elephant problem by flooding the outside world with magma, I knew it had to be worth a go.

    Just lost my first fortress to goblin 'fun', although we did manage to kill a minotaur before that. My favourite moments were a) my hunter becoming a one-dwarf badger apocalypse, and b) one of my dwarves going crazy and trying to kill a miner, who simply pushed her over and decapitated her with his pick.

    Seriously, it's difficult to understate how much awesome you can wring out of this game if you're willing to tough the first few maddening hours out. I found a really good youtube tutorial for getting started if anyone's interested: DFVIDTUTS2011 Basics - YouTube
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    I think the grading curve is more of a thing so that the BEST students don't fail. Huh, now that I say it that way, it does make sense...
    I guess the only place I would want to see a grading curcve in school is in a hard/advanced class. It's a protection against the "every student failing" debacle, which probably hurts the teacher almost as much as the student...

    With games, I completely agree. Gaming should be challenging enough to be entertaining, fun, and give you something to strive for, but it shouldn't be so difficult just for the sake of being difficult. Some games don't have either of these, like Call of Duty. It doesn't strive to give people that challenge, I think. It seems like older games are more difficult because they don't baby you! I've always found the games that are hard enough to give you a challenge have always been the most enjoyable. It's a little off topic regarding failure, but failure and easy seem to go hand in hand in some context.
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    Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life HAS NOT. In some schools they have abolished failing grades and they'll give you as MANY TIMES as you want to get the right answer. This doesn't bear the slightest resemblance to ANYTHING in real life.
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    Being less afraid of failure is necessary for entrepreneurship. Otherwise fewer new things would be researched, fewer businesses started, etc. So in some ways, fear of failure (and consequences of) is detrimental.
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    Hey Allane, nice review! Have you found any good bugfix mods for the game? I hear that the first two STALKER's got a lot better once you applied some fanmade patches to get rid of bugs. Also, do you have any particularly cool screenshots?
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    The difficulty is the only reason I have not bought the game...
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    Definitely an underrated game with a very nice atmosphere. I wouldn't praise the graphics hardly at all without a mod, but the gameplay and sound is perfect. Atmospheric games often have to resort to linearity, but Call of Pripyat nails it without needing that in the slightest until the climax.
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    nice Allane, I to really enjoy all of the stalker games. Good fun.
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    hows the charge time? any difference (wired vs wireless?)
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    Me no like. Im sensitive to magnetic fields and such, and even those power mat charging thingys at Best Buy give me a headache. Would hate to see what something like this would do.
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    All my devices use USB to charge so I am happy.