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    So i had to replace the doorbell not long ago, no problem, kill power, open it up aaannnnddd, horsehair wiring. Fucking 90 year old house.
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    Poor WileE your like me a Jack of all trades a master of none.
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    Having similar fun at my house.
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    Reminds me of my battle with my front yard drip system. Every time I thought it was fixed and turned on the water to test, a geyser would shoot out of the ground to the merriment of my neighbors.
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    Yeah, I noticed the brass vs silver AFTER I figured out they were wired wrong. Glad I had the tester though. I'm going to invest (and at the cost, invest is the word) in a box of romex to keep around for future emergencies. Also going to add a plethora of size wire nuts to my electrical kit so I don't get caught like this again. On a positive note, I have installing ceiling fans down to an art. I installed one in about 30 minutes last night by myself.
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    Lol....Poor WileE......welcome to the life of a nut-twister.

    Wicked said it, though......with every home project, it's always something.

    And a little pro-tip: Look at the screws on the side of the receptacles (outlets). The "hot" side are usually a brass color, and the "neutral" side is usually silver, and will directly correspond to the larger slot on the face of the outlet.
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    Never fails, every time I take on a home project it ALWAYS take twice as long as I predicted. It's the trips to the store that kill me the most. I can't tell you how many times I've had to make that last second trip to Depot or Pep Boys because I'm missing some little gadget or part to finish a job.
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    Nice blog and a great person if you ever get the chance to meet him. Well done sir!
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    nice blog WileE....Now you can be like me and aspire to completely miss your 11,000th as well
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    This is the first blog here ive read All the way through, Well written and a good story.
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    hahah I missed my 10K post too. Mayble I'll ctch it at 20? :/
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    Gratz, WileE!

    Hope I can make it even half way to your post count :P
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    Congrats on the milestone, WileE!
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    You know, you should post each paragraph as an individual forum post... that way you can reach 15k even sooner and we can get another swell story ;-)

    Nice post sir!
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    I love posts and stories like these. It's damn good to have you here WileE and I am proud to call you a friend since our interactions long, long ago.

    A truly epic adventure.