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    Congrats man, glad to hear it's going well! I like the "well, training got cancelled so... just wing it" idea
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    If you want to drive or fly to San Antonio, sure. We have the best PCHO department in region (no, seriously, we do, have numbers to back it up). Hell, I would pick you up personally if you flew.
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    Can you get me a good deal on a laptop? I need a new one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Expendable
    Apple store?
    No, I work PCHO department, which includes the Apple Shop we have in the store.
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    GL with the job sounds like its going well so far.
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    Apple store?
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    Sold 3 laptops today. Yay!
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    lol @ Kyle and Lucky

    @White -- Thanks man, and it did go well. Made my first sale today as well, an iPad.

    Pretty much learning everything on the go right now, but it wasn't that bad at all.
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    Training, like training you to not bite customers? A store with a pet interesting.
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    I hope the hair doesn't scare off everyone in the general vicinity.

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    Hope it all goes well, and it's good to hear you've got a job!
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    Dammit, I wish Movie Trading Company would hire me already. =(
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    welcome to the working world. Now, the question will be, do you talk too much about the product your selling
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    After what you went through, you needed one lol.
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    Congrats man.
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    was the San Marcos River over flowing at Sewell Park? Ive seen it get close. Hell even Aquarena and Sessom get bad when it rains. That water starts coming off the hills and goes straight down n LBJ and down Sessom. Shit is crazy.
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    Ya i live in San Marcos At the moment. i was awake for most of the storm. it was thunder storming for hours. i wish i had a rain gauge that worked. i hope all of the river front businesses and residencies can recover/rebuild/renovate. this flooding is nothing new to the area, deemed flash flood alley.
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    I use fences on win7 x64, never have found an issue.
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    Fences was nice for XP, but just not as great if you are using Windows 7, I find this is the best compromise I have found so far after RainMeter (I was never able to get that thing to do fly outs like these gadgets do).
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