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    i8pptuakamonstercam's Avatar
    seems interesting i will be on the look out for this tea.
    K0nTANK3Rous's Avatar
    did you hold your pinky up whilst drinking?!
    salty99's Avatar
    lol, this is just the first one. I will review all kinds
    Red_Lizard2's Avatar
    what! i thought you were going to review real tea, not stuff in cans

    I'm just busting your balls by the way :P, tis a good review.
    Updated 07-27-10 at 01:29 AM by Red_Lizard2
    Gatita_Nicky's Avatar
    ohh i love the razzlberry one
    GReYVee's Avatar
    Good read, though it short circuits my brain when I think of someone eventually doing a 'Blog about bloggers who blog bloggers'
    i8pptuakamonstercam's Avatar
    Ya Salty nice...*gives thumbs up and dances like robot*
    psychonitrous's Avatar
    ^Good blog
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    So is he saying that Today is so valuable as to be worth twice as much in Tomorrows? or is he saying that Tomorrows are such a good deal that you should trade in all your Todays for them? I mean, if it's worth two tomorrows, and presumably four day after tomorrows, then wow, get me in on this deal. Can I get 2^7th next weeks please?