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    I love GG! :D
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    I think I might have to revise my statement lol. I think what makes me lose my edge is playing for many days straight. For example I've been basically playing everyday since I joined the forums, which is about two months. Then this week I start playing and it seems that all my skills are gone. I can't explain it or think of what made me start sucking except that I have played for so long and started to over analyze things and think I can "beat the system" and get to cocky.(no homo) When instead I should be sticking to what I know are good tactics. Maybe you guys have some suggestions of what you think went wrong.
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    I'm also with Max in that after some time away from CS:S I play better when I come back. It's weird...

    As for warming up, I'll do that if I sucked the day before. I usually run in a DM server, though.
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    I never warm up, but maybe I should try it. I know I was doing terrible yesterday.

    One thing I will say though is that after being away from CSS for a while I actually do way better. Maybe its just that I'm in a good mood because I am playing again, but I just seem to be on fire.