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  1. 1000!

    Yay I finally got to 1000 posts. I think the 1000th post was somewhere in the High Drama section :-O
  2. Mounting Sleeping Bag onto Bergen

    I have this 55 L main pack that I wish to mount my sleeping bag on but there are no straps that it came with to do so. For now I have been carrying its pre-stuffed compression bag inside but that cuts the capacity down to about 25-30L and for longer trips is beginning to become insufficient. There is some room at the compression headspace between the cover and the top of the compartment I can use to mitigate this but that tends to create an undesirable top-heavy load since the sleeping bag will get packed last and it really should be forming close to the cg.

    I am looking for straps that will allow me to mount the sleeping bag's compression ...

    Updated 04-19-11 at 12:34 AM by [CoFR]SirMoo

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  3. ATI Cards, clocks, 3D, crashes/corruption, and more

    Background: I am a fan of Nvidia hardware and drivers in general, but in my gaming box, I went from having a single 9800GTX+ 512MB in 2008 to dual/SLI of them in 2009, back down to one in 2010 (I permanloaned one to a friend), and that friend ended up giving me an ATI HD 5750 1GB this year in return (apparently after RMAing his XFX 9800GT, they sent him this). I had been having problems in Arma2 with the infinite "Receiving" bug, which someone told me could be due to a texture memory problem, so I decide to try the 1GB ATI card to see how well it would work. Results have been mixed. Mostly because I now get ATI-specific crashes instead of Nvidia ones...You used to be able to hear the old GTS250 spin up when it went into 3D mode, but ...
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