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  1. About that time again

    Been putting this off far too long, and thanks to Sfri I actually got my mojo back. I'll start by posting my old stuff up once a week(or so). Then I'll start cranking out new stuff. Well anwys, here's part 1

    Nothing but a wasteland. There hasn't been anything here in years. No signs of water, food, or life. It's all gone. I guess we only have ourselves to blame. We did this to ourselves. We knew the consequences. I miss Charlotte and the kids. Why did you take them from me? Someone please find me...tell my story...

    ***“Why you reading that man? It's only gunna bring you down.”

    ***He didn't understand. When all that's left is the clothes on your back and the horizon to move towards you'll take anything ...
  2. Muhahahahahaha!!!!!

    Blogs are here, which means the fan fiction we had going in TTP can come back. YAY for Broken Dawn(I knew you'd come back)!!!
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