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  1. Are we as a society becoming OK with failure?

    Throughout my life, I've asked this question several times.

    Let's look at some examples where we're basically saying "it's OK you failed, let's make it so that you don't have to learn from your failure":

    Grade curves in school/college. Why do we offer curves for classes that you either pass or fail? If you did really bad on a test, you should get a really bad grade. Why should someone who got a 50% all of a sudden get a 65%, when they didn't know the material the first time around? Curves don't affect people who score consistently well anyway, so curves can just be considered a way to tell people it's OK to be mediocre. If I were to have things my way, anyone who gets below a 50% on a test immediately gets ...
  2. Solar 2 Mini Review

    As I promised, I would start doing mini-reviews until I can find another game that warrants a full review, or if there's enough community pushing for me to start publishing my work.

    This time, I'm reviewing Solar 2, a relatively cheap (10$) game with an interesting twist.

    Overview: Solar 2 can't really be defined in my normal review format because it's rather unique. Most space-based games have you whizzing through space in a space ship or fighting on planets for territory. Solar 2 is unique in that you ARE the universe. YOU are the asteroids, the planets, the stars, and yes, the black holes. You start off as a humble Asteroid, are guided briefly by "The Entity" before he offers you two choices: complete ...
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  3. S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat Mini-Review

    I've decided that creating a whole slew of full length reviews that would be lengthy and require an exorbitant amount of effort, I'm going to use my blog to write a series of miniature reviews. If someone likes a particular review, I can go full-scale with it and try to get it published with TPG.

    Today I'll be looking at the third installation of the STALKER series, Call of Pripyat:

    Story: Call of Pripyat is less a sequel to the events of Clear Sky and Shadow of Chernobyl (In that order) than it is its own rendition of the game. There are moments that make more sense if you've played the previous two, such as the one at the end, but otherwise Call of Pripyat has its own, unique storyline. Unlike the previous two, however, ...
  4. Universal Induction Charging

    So, I got bored today and started looking up information around the net about induction charging. Wires have always been a hassle for me, getting tangled, cut (wires cut), chewed on by pets (thus making them unreliable), and generally being a hassle to carry around. Induction power produces an interesting alternative to wire-charging devices.

    Pros: Wires, except the one used to power the induction mat, are eliminated from your devices. In addition, there is no electrical hazard from poorly shielded or worn-out wires (should you have charging cords that have been chewed on by pets). "Charging ports" become a thing of the past; physical conductors to charge the battery can be bent and broken from repeated use. An induction ...
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