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  1. w00t broke #100 on BC2

  2. Ideas.................... ......................... ....

    Quote Originally Posted by WickedSoN -=TheRipper=- View Post
    A teamspeak plugin for Steam or Xfire... That would be sweet.
    Light bulb.......TeamSpeak Mobile, dun dun dun!

    Doh! someone beat me to it. Argh.

    I was thinking EA should Buy TS, cause theres all these games that don't have VOIP, and Are so Fun to play with friends. Then I started thinking of all the things you could do OUTSIDE of the computer With Friends, and BLAM TS Mobile. A Sort Conference Call for Life Events.

    I post It here hoping some one will Runn with it, Like I run with scissors, a 5 second mile.
  3. Things I <3 about BC2

    Road Debris.
    If you know $moken$pliff, then you know how I like AT Mines, AKA "Road Apples"
    There is a TON of road debris everywhere and on nearly every map, and If you don't see some, Just make some.
    Tank wheels, ATV/Quad, Trucks, Boxes, Crates, Barrels, Crumpled Buildings. Bodies.

    Spray and Spatter here, Salute Dexter.

    Does Chosen know about the trees in BC2, They know down. Lol.
  4. BattleFeld Play 4 Free.

    Got some play4free Play time in today. Friday night. BC2 maybe later if I can Figure out how not to throw grenades at my own team.
  5. Accute DVT

    My Pappy, went to the hospital for a Catheter of some sort and some other stuff to do with his clots in his Leg.
    He's a very active Person with some troubling genealogy.
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