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  1. Wasting Light(CD)

    Foo Fighters have a new CD out, and it's one of their best yet. The CD is entitled Wasting Light and hones in on the essence of Rock. The best way to describe the CD is "Your typical Foo Fighters CD, on steroids."

    Not one song on the cd is even the slightest bit bad. In fact, all of them could be hits in their own right. The CD starts out strong with Burning bridges and Rope. Each with an intro that will be stuck in your head for weeks to come. Just when you think it'll die down, Grohl screams into the mic again, that slight reminder of Cd's past. This CD is loud, and its rock. It's everything you'd expect from a Foo Fighters cd with a twist of new.

    The Foo Fighters went back to the basics and recorded the ...
  2. A letter to the devlopers

    To whom it may concern,

    Hello, I recently purchased your game for my at home PC after being curious to see if it was any good. I know that the mouse and keyboard are the primary peripherals that are used in PC gaming. However, when it comes to 3rd person shooters like the game I just purchased, I prefer to use my controller.

    Using the controller feels easier with a 3ps, and I'm sure that others feel the same. I appreciate the fact that you have controller support on your game, and that it apparently works very well. What I don't appreciate is you thinking I'm a lifeless robot. That I'm a sheep that just goes with the currents, and never once could it be fathomed that I could veer off the course and choose my own ...
  3. Darkness

    My feet were sore. After walking so far it eventually takes a toll on a person. By my calculations we had been inside the cave for only three hours. Three hours of freezing cold air and jagged pathways. Still no sign of Marcus and John, or even an ending to the frozen hell. No sign of anything, just darkness. After so long the darkness begins to play tricks on your mind. You see things, hear things, feel things. Yet there is nothing there. Just the black.

    “I need to stop.”

    The voice came from behind. It was Sarah.

    “It's too cold, I can't move any more. This darkness, I...I just can't.”

    She couldn't stand the darkness. She never could since I've known her. Always slept in well lit areas, ...
  4. Part 3

    As the Sun Sets

    The sun couldn't reach inside the cave. As we walked in we felt the temperature drop. We weren't even halfway down the sloped entrance and it felt noticeably colder. I feared how cold it would be at the bottom. What if it was too cold to make it through? I didn't want to cause a fuss, so I kept my mouth shut.

    When we got to the bottom my fears had came true. It was freezing. On the surface we would shed whatever clothing we could to keep from over heating. Now we wished we weren't so generous in our removal. We wouldn't have been standing there in shorts and shirts ripped into tank tops. We would have been covered, warm.

    We had to keep moving. If we stopped for too long our body ...
  5. I am so behind on this...

    ok...ok...back on a week...come on can do this...

    I'll be putting the old ones back up every other day, then maybe move to once a week, or whenever I get around to writing more.

    Towards the Sun

    There was five of us left. By the rate that we had been losing people we'd all be dead in a matter of days. Maybe we'd survive longer if we found food and water in the jeep. Maybe we'd get lucky and find an abandoned town nearby to make shelter. But it was no use getting our hopes up. It would only make it worse when there was nothing.

    I helped Marcus remove the driver of the vehicle and we moved him to the pile of bodies we had made. Marcus climbed in the passenger ...
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