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  1. You heard it here first folks

    Blogs from small-ish niche sites devoted to commentary and opinion are now certifiable sources of breaking anonymous journalism.....

    Nah just kidding. But looks legit right?
  2. My thoughts on the travesty of the election and our political process

    Reposting from my facebook...

    Quote Originally Posted by Alundil - pre results
    Can it be Post inauguration already (regardless of outcome)? The fawning over our oligarchy, as if there's a functional difference for 90% of the populace either way, is disturbing and distracting.

    "which is the way they wants it" --points for those who get the reference

    American politics is such a shameless circus of false dilemmas between Boolean illusions. Left/Right Lib/Con Rep/Dem Yes/No On/Off Up/Down. When the insanity ends and the dust and ashes settle will anyone's life have truly changed one way other another? Or will people just rest more easily with the silly notion that their "Team" won one for the gipper?
  3. Disappointed, Disenfranchised and basically unmoved

    Just an interesting note of my personal lack of attachment to most things political in nature at this point.

    In the last month or so of the High Drama/News forum I have posted in exactly two (2) serious business threads and only 3 total (contro-images, a bill maher thing and one specifically referencing me - thanks Ae hehe). This is all very un-scientifically (sp) noted by the little green carots.

    Compared to 2-3 months prior to this where almost every thread had some involvement from me to one degree or another....

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    Just an interesting thing for me (likely not for anyone else). But it shows the almost complete lack of interest I now ...
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  4. 10,000th Post - and true to prediction......

    Quote Originally Posted by Alundil View Post
    I missed it again, dammit!

    This, this of all things was my 10,000th post

    Sigh - what a waste. I had a huge speech prepared and was ready to go....then the teleprompter broke.

    Anyway, I thought I'd offer some thanks and appreciation to this community. I've been here and an active part since mid 2007. I blame it all on Laggy for bringing me to TTP and getting me hooked into the community (and 2142, which occupied a lot of my gaming time until just a few months ago). I've made some great friends since joining here, some of whom I've even been lucky enough to meet and speak to in person. Yall know who you are. I'll not try and list everyone out. Just know that you've all had an effect
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