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  1. Saving as a viable play, an exploration: CS:S

    First a quick review of the money system:

    Round won:
    $3250 always for CTs

    $300 for every kill

    Bomb plants:
    If terrorists get a bomb plant and lose, they get
    +$800 dollars, plus however much for losing

    If terrorists get a bomb plant and win with all the CT's dieing, they get:

    If terrorists plant bomb and there is a CT at the end of round, terrorists get:

    Prices of the important weapons: Ak = $2500, M4 = $3100, AWP = $4750, Deag = $650

    Second a disclaimer: I know what server rules are towards saving and idc, thats not what this post is about, the only thing I do care about are the players general attitude and opinion ...