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  1. Back to school...

    Thought I would start with a brief introduction of myself, since I never really did that here :P

    My name is Paul, I live in Colorado right by Allane (we go to the same HS, in fact)
    Currently 17 years of age, and am playing CSS regularly, TF2 on occasion, and Borderlands in the rare chance I can team up with someone.

    So, this is the night before i go back to school. Lucky enough, last year of the public education system for me (), then its off to college and careers and such.


    Only thing I am really excited for this year is the END of the year, it seems. Hopefully this year actually turns out well, as the previous years of HS have been absolute SHIT for me. ...
  2. QC 2010

    I just want to say thank you to everyone who was at the con this year, I had an awesome time hanging out with everyone.

    I got to meet a some new faces and saw a few familiar ones, and even found out one person has the same first name as me. I got to try out the Brink demo, which was awesome and a DEFINITE choice for a TPG game here (prays for good dedicated servers). I got to play my favorite game in a 6v6 environment, which was great. We didn't win but we gave it our all, won the first round on Gravel Pit then got rolled on Granary by players who were a lot more experienced. But hey, we won one game, and that's good enough for me.

    Overall, it was a great con this year, and I'm hoping to see you guys up there ...
  3. PC Components - Brand Names and Loyalty

    It wasn't until I posted in Kraker Jak's power supply thread that I realized how important brand names mean to some PC enthusiasts. I am not referring to life long wars between nVidia vs ATI or Intel vs AMD, but more around the components that are not as crucial. I would hate to be new to PC building and having to select components for the first time. Deciding on things like cases and power supplies, you can literally get fatigued by the time you are finished researching all available options. I wouldn't even know where to begin!

    When shopping for a new case, what should a PC building "newb" really look for? Functionality? Cooling? Space? Flashy looks? If you think about it, even the more expensive cases are ...
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  4. First Post

    So, Blogging. Seems kinda like an expanded version of Twitter, except without the word limit. I mean, anyone else find it really annoying wh

    Anyone who catches that joke, +1. ANYWAYS >.>

    Don't really know what i should be talking about on here. I mean, finals are almost up for me. Just gotta take one more, 7:30 - 9:00, and I am DONE for the year! 'Cept I have to wait until Monday to take it. Kind of sucks, but I can hang in there for the time being. Easy test too, not even necessary for me to study for it. Heh, after this only one more year of HS. Can't tell if that is a good thing or bad, thinking it may swing both ways.

    Going to try my hand at some more CS:S. Hope some of you guys are recognizing ...
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