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  1. New sig is done

    After weeks of putting it off I decided to get to it one night and it didnt turn out half bad X)

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  2. Day 13

    So today was a pretty boring day, I didn't wake up until really late and so we went to get brunch, but our aunt called us and so we waited. Those "15 minutes" turned into an hour. At that time once we went to go get brunch, Maxim Palace in Kwai Fong was packed. So we went down a floor to get some food real quick at Shanghai something. I forget the name because the food sucked. It wasn't even that great and in the end they charged a lot, a lot for Hong Kong standards. After that we all went our seperate ways since we couldn't decide on something. Me and my dad went to Tsim Sha Tsui, he ended up getting an upset stomach from the Shanghai place and so we went home. Which is why I'm writing the blog. The story of this photo is we were ...
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  3. A New Day 2/36

    So today was a really boring day. I woke up pretty early, around 9 AM, from there I got some breakfast with the family. After that we started packing. Let me say, packing really sucks. It was so boring so I just thought I'd do my photo early so I could get it out of the way. The day is still early and It's sunny too, the first time since last week. So, hopefully some exciting things will happen in a bit. Sorry my life isn't too exciting. Free-Lensed.

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  4. Castle of Heroes review and description

    Castle of Heroes is a free browser fantasy game developed by the company Caracol. It is currently the most popular browser game in China. Play with tens of thousands of other players online in this medieval fantasy world as you build your castle, raise an army, forge alliances and lead your heroes in epic quests and kill the fearful creatures that roam the earth.

    The main objective of the game however, is about war strategy and is based on the popular Heroes of Might and Magic. Following the conflict between four races – humans, elves, orcs and undead, players are thrust into the world of strategy and war.

    In Castle of Heroes, there are five fundamental resources: wood, minerals, sulfur, crystal and gold. All these ...
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