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  1. Are we as a society becoming OK with failure?

    Throughout my life, I've asked this question several times.

    Let's look at some examples where we're basically saying "it's OK you failed, let's make it so that you don't have to learn from your failure":

    Grade curves in school/college. Why do we offer curves for classes that you either pass or fail? If you did really bad on a test, you should get a really bad grade. Why should someone who got a 50% all of a sudden get a 65%, when they didn't know the material the first time around? Curves don't affect people who score consistently well anyway, so curves can just be considered a way to tell people it's OK to be mediocre. If I were to have things my way, anyone who gets below a 50% on a test immediately gets ...
  2. Operation Get White a Beer

    Operation is a success!

    My parents aren't for serving alcohol in their household, so I decided to sneak some in for the new year. At first, I thought the operation would be for naught as my parents found and then hid my beer, but I found where they hid it! I shall be drinking a Samuel Smith Organic Cider to celebrate the New Year!

    Happy New Year!
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  3. A New Romance in My Life

    Ok so it's not technically "new".

    Ah yes, nothing like some manly photoshopping of Nutella on pretty pink backgrounds to cheer myself up during the Holidays.

    EDIT: Might as well add this one here as well, after all one is never enough.

    Updated 12-22-10 at 04:34 AM by LuckyDucky

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  4. Project Revival: Averatec 4155 - Part Three (The Aftermath)

    I am sitting here typing this blog on my newly revived Averatec 4155 notebook PC. I must admit that this journey has been one of blood, sweat, and tears. My last update left me unsure on which OS I wanted to run on this machine. I attempted to run Windows 7, but the lack of driver support and Aero features left me wanting to go back to Windows XP or Windows Vista.

    Due to licensing availability and driver support, I decided to go with Windows Vista Business 32 bit operating system. Similar to Windows 7, Averatec did not provide any drivers to download from the TriGem site, forcing me to go on the "driver ...
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  5. Altering My Eating Habits.

    I caught a bit of Jose Andre on 60 Mins last night.
    I like his views. Especially after watching Eating. A documentary running on our local PBS.
    Want to change the Enviroment and Lose weight?
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