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  1. Saving as a viable play, an exploration: CS:S

    First a quick review of the money system:

    Round won:
    $3250 always for CTs

    $300 for every kill

    Bomb plants:
    If terrorists get a bomb plant and lose, they get
    +$800 dollars, plus however much for losing

    If terrorists get a bomb plant and win with all the CT's dieing, they get:

    If terrorists plant bomb and there is a CT at the end of round, terrorists get:

    Prices of the important weapons: Ak = $2500, M4 = $3100, AWP = $4750, Deag = $650

    Second a disclaimer: I know what server rules are towards saving and idc, thats not what this post is about, the only thing I do care about are the players general attitude and opinion ...
  2. Ravaged - The next big thing?

    Summary: Ravaged has a ton of promise to be a great, well-supported Teamplay game and will be entering Beta in Spring 2012. One of the associate producers was happy to answer a bunch of questions that I sent him (see below).

    - Fast-paced multiplayer FPS with vehicles
    - Designed by a team that worked on Battlefield2 and Desert Combat
    - In-game VoIP provided by Steam at launch
    - Designed to have up to 64 players on a server
    - Pre-Order is only $25 (includes Beta access)
    - Beta in Spring 2012, Release in Summer 2012
    - Uses Valve Anti-Cheat
    - Unreal3 engine-based
    - Gameplay modes based around working as a team

    Teamplayer Gaming is always looking ...
  3. I'm a Time Traveller

    So this blog post is from past, and if everything actually worked this blog should appear at 10:00 AM on the 22nd. Mainly just to test the "publish on" feature. But here is a song I very much enjoy, just so it's not a complete waste of time.

    "Stuff is Messed up" Probably one of my favorite songs by Offspring. Excellent band, I love the sarcasm and irony in every single line they place in their lyrics.
    Anyway here:

    And the Lyrics for the hilarious fast parts.

    Now, I don't know and it's hard to explain
    But it seems like things are just kind of insane
    Because the world is crying but nobody's listening,
    So please ...
    Music , Goofing Around
  4. Damn my Dreams!

    So I'm going to try and post more often in my blog thing, this is mainly a promise to myself so I doubt it will come to fruition. My hypothesis, if the number of posts determines the size of your e-peen then the number of blog entries determines the size of your e-balls. If this is true then I must get to work quickly or my manhood could be in jeopardy!

    Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about was this dream I had last night.

    Starts of pretty boring, I'm driving a car down some empty road in the middle of the night in the middle of a desert. My cell phone rings, the view point then switches to a third person outside the car looking in (like a flying camera next to the car), I notice I'm allot older but more ...

    Updated 07-21-10 at 10:32 PM by LuckyDucky

    Virtual Life , Goofing Around , Life
  5. Sangria

    This stuff is the shit.

    So I disappeared for a week or so on a River Canoeing thing (which mostly sucked), but whilst on the canoes I got plenty of Sangria because there was little else to drink. Which didn't suck at all, the Sangria that is.

    Anyway when I got back home for the Fourth, neighbors had a barbeque and we made more homemade Sangria, needless to say I highly recommend it.

    I don't remember how it tastes though... but it's probably good.
    Culture , Goofing Around
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