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  1. Disappointed, Disenfranchised and basically unmoved

    Just an interesting note of my personal lack of attachment to most things political in nature at this point.

    In the last month or so of the High Drama/News forum I have posted in exactly two (2) serious business threads and only 3 total (contro-images, a bill maher thing and one specifically referencing me - thanks Ae hehe). This is all very un-scientifically (sp) noted by the little green carots.

    Compared to 2-3 months prior to this where almost every thread had some involvement from me to one degree or another....

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    Just an interesting thing for me (likely not for anyone else). But it shows the almost complete lack of interest I now ...
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  2. Bittersweet

    I've been back on Zyprexa for a while now for my schizophrenia. It worked great in the past, but it gave me the munchies (it was like having a guy pointing a gun at my head telling me to eat); I ended up putting on 60 lb. in 2 months. Luckily, my cholesterol levels stayed well within the safe range. It was either going back onto the Zyprexa...or more severe measures.

    Luckily, the Zyprexa is working great, I don't have the munchies, and I've actually lost about 10 lb!

    The bitter part is that I pulled the plug on my BF2 subscription. All good things must come to an end, I guess.
  3. Ravaged - The next big thing?

    Summary: Ravaged has a ton of promise to be a great, well-supported Teamplay game and will be entering Beta in Spring 2012. One of the associate producers was happy to answer a bunch of questions that I sent him (see below).

    - Fast-paced multiplayer FPS with vehicles
    - Designed by a team that worked on Battlefield2 and Desert Combat
    - In-game VoIP provided by Steam at launch
    - Designed to have up to 64 players on a server
    - Pre-Order is only $25 (includes Beta access)
    - Beta in Spring 2012, Release in Summer 2012
    - Uses Valve Anti-Cheat
    - Unreal3 engine-based
    - Gameplay modes based around working as a team

    Teamplayer Gaming is always looking ...
  4. The waiting game.

    The game that most rush. The game that many can not stand to play. The game we both decided to take with out realizing it. During this game we both realized that we both wanted the other. We realized that we were both setup to fail when i tried to make more of things. We realized the reason why we were both setup was so he could say your his, and not mine. But all he did was brush you under the carpet and didn't care about the things in your life, and cheated. He left you a mess, breaking your reputation and making a new one that was not true.

    Secretly, you kept from me that you liked me. I didn't keep it much of a secret though that i liked you. During the time we got close to each other. I helped you in the time of need and you ...
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  5. Balancing parenthood responsibility and gametime

    I have a 2 and a half year old son. Suffice to say this reduces my ability to be a gamer. In fact, until a few months ago, I hadn't logged any appreciable hours playing games on anything.
    I am also a long-time gamer. I got my first computer, a Commodore VIC-20, in 1985 when I was 4. I programmed my first algorithm when I was 5 on my brother's Commodore 64. I broke my first computer when I was about 11 (tried to upgrade a 486SX/33 with one of those add-on turbo chips...). I owned all the 'loser consoles'. I had a NEW Atari 2600 when everyone else had an NES. I had a TurboGrafx 16 when everyone else had an SNES ...
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