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  1. BASEBALL TALK WITH CYANIDE: Astros 2011 Season

    A simple article I decided to type up in my free time. I love debating sports and I love giving my thought on a team and their prospects. I follow ALL baseball teams and their moves. Baseball is my passion and I hope to do something in baseball these days. In this article, it will be about the Astros 2011 season and my thoughts on their team next year. Let's begin!

    This is this years lineup:

    [i]CF Michael Bourn
    2B Jeff Keppinger
    1B Lance Berkman
    LF Carlos Lee
    RF Hunter Pence
    3B Pedro Feliz
    SS Tommy Manzella
    C Humberto Quintero
    P _______________[/i]

    That was the lineup most used by the Astros this year. Besides Bourn, Pence, and Manzella, the ...
  2. AT&T Discontinues Unlimited Data Plan due to Heavy iPhone Usage

    anyone else hear about AT&T stopping their unlimited data plan and putting a cap? at first i was really upset, but it looks like this will only apply to new users... existing users may keep their unlimited plan.

    other phone companies are expected to follow suit.,2817,2364550,00.asp

    (use google to find more links)
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