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  1. What is Nanotechnology?

    What is nanotechnology? Well, it has many different definitions, but the most basic and most agreed upon is that it is the study of and use of structures at the molecular scale (between 1 to 100 nanometers). Though, another more traditional meaning of the concept of nanotechnology is building things from the bottom up, with atomic precision. Nanotechnology encompasses many different types of sciences such as molecular physics, materials science, chemistry, biology, computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. The word nanotechnology was popularized in the 1980s by K. Eric Drexler, a researcher, whose work focuses on advanced nanotech. He wrote a paper in 1981 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences which ...

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  2. Mounting Sleeping Bag onto Bergen

    I have this 55 L main pack that I wish to mount my sleeping bag on but there are no straps that it came with to do so. For now I have been carrying its pre-stuffed compression bag inside but that cuts the capacity down to about 25-30L and for longer trips is beginning to become insufficient. There is some room at the compression headspace between the cover and the top of the compartment I can use to mitigate this but that tends to create an undesirable top-heavy load since the sleeping bag will get packed last and it really should be forming close to the cg.

    I am looking for straps that will allow me to mount the sleeping bag's compression ...

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  3. Withdrawl Symptoms

    So I had to move for my new job. And the new house and job are great with one glaring exception. I have not been able to get internet installed here yet. I have been using a USB Surfstick for my e-mail and surfing needs. That is all well and good, but it is worthless for two things I love. Streaming media and online gaming. I thought when I got this house, I would be able to get the awesome 100mb cable that is available on every street in town, except mine it seems. I offered to pay the cable company to put it in here, but they declined. So I went back to my DSL company and asked them to hook up the DSL. That seems to have been lost in translation. I said "sign me up for a new two year deal" but they heard "Ich möchte ...
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  4. ATI Cards, clocks, 3D, crashes/corruption, and more

    Background: I am a fan of Nvidia hardware and drivers in general, but in my gaming box, I went from having a single 9800GTX+ 512MB in 2008 to dual/SLI of them in 2009, back down to one in 2010 (I permanloaned one to a friend), and that friend ended up giving me an ATI HD 5750 1GB this year in return (apparently after RMAing his XFX 9800GT, they sent him this). I had been having problems in Arma2 with the infinite "Receiving" bug, which someone told me could be due to a texture memory problem, so I decide to try the 1GB ATI card to see how well it would work. Results have been mixed. Mostly because I now get ATI-specific crashes instead of Nvidia ones...You used to be able to hear the old GTS250 spin up when it went into 3D mode, but ...
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  5. My Professional Opinion of the Android Platform and current Implimentations

    Let me start off by saying that I am a linux guy. I have been waiting for linux to reach cell phones since the day I got my first cell phone.

    Android rather disappoints me:

    Applications are left running?:
    Why? What was going through the head of the OS developers? The android os needs to place a standard "X" button at the top right of the screen or FORCE all applications to have a "EXIT AND CLOSE" option in the apps menu. I can see the intended application of this serious lack of natural closing of applications.... It integrates nicely with the back button, thats about it... Your applications are left running on the chance you may want to navigate back through their states via the back button...

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