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  1. Ravaged - The next big thing?

    Summary: Ravaged has a ton of promise to be a great, well-supported Teamplay game and will be entering Beta in Spring 2012. One of the associate producers was happy to answer a bunch of questions that I sent him (see below).

    - Fast-paced multiplayer FPS with vehicles
    - Designed by a team that worked on Battlefield2 and Desert Combat
    - In-game VoIP provided by Steam at launch
    - Designed to have up to 64 players on a server
    - Pre-Order is only $25 (includes Beta access)
    - Beta in Spring 2012, Release in Summer 2012
    - Uses Valve Anti-Cheat
    - Unreal3 engine-based
    - Gameplay modes based around working as a team

    Teamplayer Gaming is always looking ...
  2. Withdrawl Symptoms

    So I had to move for my new job. And the new house and job are great with one glaring exception. I have not been able to get internet installed here yet. I have been using a USB Surfstick for my e-mail and surfing needs. That is all well and good, but it is worthless for two things I love. Streaming media and online gaming. I thought when I got this house, I would be able to get the awesome 100mb cable that is available on every street in town, except mine it seems. I offered to pay the cable company to put it in here, but they declined. So I went back to my DSL company and asked them to hook up the DSL. That seems to have been lost in translation. I said "sign me up for a new two year deal" but they heard "Ich möchte ...
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  3. Flight

    Aisling had to move. Derrik would be coming.

    She doubted he would be there this day, but knew he would waste little time. He would want to move fast, knowing she'd try to run.

    She scooped up her weapons, sheathing the knife, and headed for the entrance to her cave. When she got inside, she cast the AK and the .45 on to her cot and stripped off her clothes. She was a mess of drying blood and vomit. She looked at her feet with disgust. Her mother would never approve. Hell, she didn't approve.

    She made for the small stream near the back of the cave. The stream was part of an underground water source that eventually exited the mountains and supplied what was once a small river; one that was now barely
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  4. Compromised

    As Aisling reached the crest of the rise that looked down on her home, she was able to hear the whimpering sobs of the man she'd gutted. He was not yet dead. The adrenaline that had waned as she'd climbed surged anew with a rush of anger.

    She rapidly made her way back down the steep incline, taking a different rout than the one she'd used earlier to get up. That rout was ideal for ascent, but not as good for descent. She picked her way back down to the leveled off shelf of rock that had been her "front yard" for most of her life, favoring her throbbing foot.

    When she reached the bottom, she moved straight for the man. Sweat beaded on his brow and his skin was pale. He was still bleeding, but not severely, ...
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  5. 10,000th Post - and true to prediction......

    Quote Originally Posted by Alundil View Post
    I missed it again, dammit!

    This, this of all things was my 10,000th post

    Sigh - what a waste. I had a huge speech prepared and was ready to go....then the teleprompter broke.

    Anyway, I thought I'd offer some thanks and appreciation to this community. I've been here and an active part since mid 2007. I blame it all on Laggy for bringing me to TTP and getting me hooked into the community (and 2142, which occupied a lot of my gaming time until just a few months ago). I've made some great friends since joining here, some of whom I've even been lucky enough to meet and speak to in person. Yall know who you are. I'll not try and list everyone out. Just know that you've all had an effect
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