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  1. Getting over it: BF3 isn't all that bad

    I think it's safe to say a lot of us came from Battlefield 2.
    Battlefield 2 was a masterpiece in strategic, team based first person shooters. It really had everything I ever wanted. But, even when it first came out it was littered with bugs and problems. Most of us tend to forget it because the last patch that made a difference came out in 2006 (1.41) and then they were nice enough to throw the 1.5 patch at us in 2009.

    I think having 5 solid years with a wonderfully working BF2 has made us forget that some games ship 'unfinished'.

    When I first got Battlefield 3, I was wowed by the graphics and the control but a few things made me angry:
    Reduction in classes
    No Commander Mode
    no VOIP ...