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  1. Brother versus brother in the EVE Universe

    Early opinions...-battle-jpg
    I will start with a little back story for those who may not be familiar with the game of EVE. Within the game you have corporations, which are basically clans or guilds, alliances, which is a group of corporations with similar goals and interests, and coalitions, which is an unofficial friends list. Within the TPG family we have players with pilots in various alliances across the universe, but there are two main groups that live within 0.0 space, which is where the majority of PVP action takes place. In order to not divulge information that others may not want public I will only refer to players by their TPG names.

    On one hand we have the members of the LAWN alliance. This group includes myself, ...
  2. New Year's resolution

    Yes, I know it is not even December yet, but I figured if I start now it will be a habit by January 1st. What is it you say, well isn't that obvious? It is only the most common resolution in America EVERY year, to get in better shape. My goal right now is to work my way into good enough shape to start Insanity. I started doing a body-weight workout today, and realized things are way worse than I had thought. It is a basic workout circuit that you are supposed to go through 3 times, and I made it through once and felt like puking and passing out, hopefully in that order to avoid a Hendrix. So now my legs are on fire, and my head is spinning, but I am happy to have begun.

    So why am I posting this here? Hopefully you folks can help ...
  3. Maybe I am not as old and crusty as I thought.

    So I had my previous post about how all the new options may be overkill, but I think I changed my mind. I think our clan might have the best group page on TPG. Don't believe me, just check it out here. This group page allowed us to unsticky several stickies, thus making our actual public forum more of a forum, where you have discussions, instead of a bunch of rules.

    I know there have been some issues with the conversion to vB, but to this point I am thoroughly impressed, and might be in love. Now if only I could get blogs that had view limitations as it offers, and we could clean up the private forums as well. Maybe soon.
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  4. Is this overkill?

    So we have forums, and we have articles, but now we have added blogs too? Maybe it's just me, but I think it is overkill. What would you post to a blog that wouldn't be a topic or an article? I don't know that I really care about your life story, ask Dusty how boring she thinks I am on FaceSpace and I don't use Twitter, but even if I do care can't you just post a topic about it? Maybe it is just crusty old man syndrome, I am about to be 35 after all, like you care.

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  5. New job, same company

    Finally, I get back to a regular schedule, well, after a 3 day weekend. Starting June 1 I will be transferring to a branch location with my bank. That means I will be home earlier, and can whip your asses more regularly both in games and on the forums. Depending on how long my son's b-day party lasts Monday I night even make the HRD raid for some BF2.

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