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Corpses that Dance, and other un-Possible things.

  1. First day on the job (and no training!)

    So, about to head out to my first day at the new job. I was supposed to start two weeks of training last Monday, but I got a call that Monday telling me that the GM canceled the training.

    Still no new schedule for training, but they called and scheduled me for today and the next couple of days for regular work. Supposed to be shadowing somebody, I know their name and all, I just don't know their face. I don't even know how I am supposed to clock in yet .

    Eh, I'm sure I'll be fine.
  2. New Job!

    Got a new job now! Working at Best Buy in the PCHO department selling Laptops and accessories.
    Orientation is Monday at 11 AM. *glee*

    That is all. For now.

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  3. Flooding in New Braunfels/Seguine/San Marcos

    Quote Originally Posted by DancingCorpse View Post
    Slide show:

    Video from a helicopter view:

    Flickr Gallery:

    A YouTube search:

    FUUUUUCK! Talked to me father this morning, and he says he saw about a million inner tubes floating down the river, as well as boats, jet skis, some houses, lots of docks, and boats still tied to docks floating down the river.

    Hope Rockin' River is able to get their business back up, all their buses are totaled.
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  4. Minimalist Desktop

    My new Minimalist desktop for Windows 7.

    The box with the Steam, XFire, and other icons in it is a Windows Gadget made by and allows me to store any program shortcuts I want there. The first Icon that you see which is a Chess Piece opens up a flyout window listing all files in there (in this case all my game shortcuts) and allows me to open/execute them without actually opening the folder, which means I won't have a folder in the background while I am gaming.

    The box at the top more near the left is a Systems control box that allows me to shut down, restart, open the Task manager, or start the ...
  5. Replacements

    What is it with everyone today, replacing everything good in their lives?

    We have perfectly good phones, computers, laptops, and cars. But that isn't enough. We need to have the best; always the best.

    The new version of the iPhone came out today? Well then, fuck, you better throw your brand new iPhone that you got two months into the waste bin and head to the Apple Store in your brand new sports car you bought this week with the rest of the extreme debt you are already in.

    No, seriously, you need to. I mean, it has like 1 and a half new features of no use on it that will not be available on your other brand new iPhone for at least a WEEK.

    If you thought any of the above is somewhat ...
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