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  1. Musings of an old doorgunner.

    I was in the midst of transitioning from childhood to adulthood. lol's I did all this except my training was at Ft. Polk LA.

    I didn't make it to Nam, although I was quite ready for it mentally and physically but at 17 and an only son they said I wouldn't get there and that was when we started our "strategic withdraw" so AK. it was.

  2. Deputy's Shit......

  3. Thinking 2.0

    Ok round II this time concentration will be coastal the U.S. has massive possibilities with so much coastline.Power can be generated by wave,tidal or wind but I'm going to focus on wave. Due to the many topographical differences in our coast this can take different forms east and west coast have fairly large continuous waves the gulf not so much,there already exists a method to harness consistent wave action.

    But being that I'm from the gulf coast the above wouldn't be all that efficient so what I have in mind is a mechanical hydraulic method somewhat similar to this.

    The concept I have in mind ...

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  4. Thinking

    For some reason I get idea's in my head and just can't shake them ( no not those kind of idea's). Lately I've been thinking on green energy concepts. So here goes I'm sure most everyone has seen concrete dividers on the highway, ever notice a piece of trash blown along it buy vehicles well that's secondary wind power, now let's put a squirrel cage fan atop the divider about 3 ft. in height on the bottom side of the fan we'll mount a 12v generator w/ li-po battery these can be ran in series of modular sections for ease of replacement in case of an accident. The units can be installed in a track ( think something like pci slot ) the track could be miles long. I could go into much more detail but I want your input without my bias. Now incorporated ...
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  5. Chilluscious

    Ever had one of those days, stress, strife, torment and torture or just a plain bad day at the JOB ? Well help is here just turn off your mind and float downstream

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