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  1. Project Revival: Averatec 4155 - Part Two (The Install)

    While I was waiting on my slightly used CPU upgrade to arrive, I decided it was time to nuke the existing drive and get it ready for the operating system install. I decided I would try Windows 7 Professional due to the speedy install time, ease of setup, and to see how much this little machine can handle. A would like to get both qualitative and quantitative data before deciding if I should downgrade the operating system back to Windows XP.

    For those that are unsure of the build, reference the following link:

    The Windows 7 Professional installation went well... right up to the point where Windows could not load any of my network ...
  2. Project Revival: Averatec 4155 - Part One

    There has been this 4.3lb brick sitting in my closet for the past two years. No, I am not referring to a SCSI hard drive. I am referring to my old Avaratec 4100 series notebook. I call it a brick, not because it doesn't work, but because it might as well not work. The keyboard is missing a key, there is a broken USB port, the battery is toast, and the screen bezel has a crack in it. Here is a link to the exact model and my current specs so you can get a good idea.

    Model: Averatec AV4155-EH1
    Screen Size: 13.3"
    CPU: AMD Turion MT-30 (1.6 GHz) - 25w
    Memory: 1.2GB PC2700 ...