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Howlin Mad Murphy

  1. Free Humble Bundle games

    well its that time of the month again where i buy games i already own on humble bundle. so i have a steam key to give away.

    its one key with three games: Psychonauts, Stacking, and Costume Quest

    all amazing games and whoever wants them i will send them the steam key
  2. Free Games

    through my many humble bundle purchases i have some duplicate games left over.

    i have steam keys for Titan Quest, Warhammer 40k - dawn of war, indie game the movie, and legend of grimrock

    if anybody wants any of these just let me know
  3. Indie Game: The Movie

    Just finished watching indie game: the movie.

    what a fantastic and beautiful look into the indie game development world. If I had to compare it to something, the closest I could think of is King of Kong. It is one of those movies that gives you a peek into a word that we really have no idea exists. After your done you cant help but feel apart of their world.

    Growing up in the Nintendo Generation, I cant help but relate to these guys, and why they do what they do. even though I know how super meat boy and braid turned out. I found myself drawn in, and pulling for their success. To get a taste of the work that goes into one of these indie games, you cant help but feel humbled for the opportunity to experience the games ...
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  4. skyrim mini review from tractorpull

    i spotted tractor playing skyrim so i was curious what his thoughts on the game were.
    here is his response.. i think it says it all

    steam chat:
    (NC-17) Howlin: is that game liquid crack or what
    (NC-17) Tractor: omfg yes
    (NC-17) Tractor: I want to chop it up, snort it, piss it out, freeze it, and use it for ice cubes in my whiskey
    (NC-17) Howlin: bethesda should put that on the back of the box

    and this concludes a mini review from the internets very own Tractorpull
  5. Nuclear Dawn

    ..... there is not enough lube in the world that could cover all the base raping
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