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  1. Programming Overload!

    It's been a while since my last blog and I'm not following what I laid out for myself at all. However, I've been feeling pretty good for the last two months and decided to take on three small-to-medium-sized projects:
    • Teamspeak 3 Query Plugin,
    • C++ 'Windows Made Easy!',
    • and Some Recent PHP Work that will come to light soon.

    For the Bad-Company 2 Fans
    We (TPG) recently fired back up our Bad-Company: 2 server due to popular demand (and because EA decided to get off their butts and fix some major issues, i.e., networking). However, in EA's haste to throw Bad-Company: 2 to the way-side, they forgot to fix the VOIP (Voice over IP). Some (unnamed) TPG junkies approached me and asked if I could write an addition ...
  2. The Lull

    I guess I've officially dedicated my blog to programming activities. However, today, I have nothing to add to my blog sequence. For the 2 or 3 of you who actually look through the code in my blogs, who check out the concepts I use, and see how another programmer makes something, I'm sorry, I do not have anything new to present today.

    This blog is a filler, or an index page of sorts. I'm going to list all of my previous blogs, just in-case you missed one, and also list all my upcoming blogs. Without further adieu:
    Previous Blogs

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  3. My First Game Using XNA!

    After my last blog, I decided to create a game. Well, creating a fully function game is a lot of work, if you haven't heard! So, instead of creating an entire game, I decided to make a simple little game where a ton of creepy eyes follow your cursor.

    The XNA Framework
    The XNA Framework is basically the guts that allows a programmer, like me, to create a game without having to create the whole engine! A basic XNA game has 6 methods by default: The Constructor, Initialize, LoadContent, UnloadContent, Update, and Draw.
    The Constructor and Initialize method are kinda the same, they're just executed at different times.
    The LoadContent method is executed next; it should ...
  4. C# Flashcard Project

    I've been working on this desktop program for about 3 months now. It's virtually ready; it can do everything it needs to, I am just adding some extra fluff, like help stuff.
    The idea for the program came from studying Japanese in college, where I had originally written down all of my words on flashcards. This became cumbersome, as I had over 400 flashcards!
    I looked into alternatives such as websites that let you add flashcards, but not everywhere I went had Internet. So I looked into desktop applications for a flashcard program, and while there were some,
    I decided it would be fun to write my own!

    In The Beginning...
    ...We start with a screenshot! As much as I want to bore ...

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  5. Photo Gallery Update [2] - PART 2

    Due to the 10k character limit, this blog had to be split in two!
    This blog isn't programmer friendly, I tell ya!

    See Part 1 here.

    So Where Were We? Oh Yea!
    We've generated the nav items and thumbnails by now, so lets look at the php that gave us the addresses in the first place!

    javascript.php (bad name, but I haven't gotten to changing it yet)
      function getPaths($directory = '../../photos')
        $paths = array();
        $dirData = scandir($directory);
        if ($dirData)
          foreach ($dirData as $data)
            if (is_file($directory . "/" . $data))

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