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  1. Mount Chocorua

    A buddy and I decided to start hiking, he had never gone and my last trip was a good 6+ years ago. I am now fairly overweight and out of shape. I chose, being the one with a small amount of experience in the White Mountains, to go to Mount Chocorua and stay on the Bearcamp River at a campground I'd been to when I was young.

    We got to the area around 7pm and checked into the campground. We pitched our three tents and prepared for the night. We drove down the road a bit from the campground and got wood for fires. 7 bundles for only $10 what a deal. We burned through 3 bundles of wood from 8 to midnight.

    While we were sitting around the fire a woman from the site next to ours came over and asked us if we had children, ...
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