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  1. Mount Chocorua

    A buddy and I decided to start hiking, he had never gone and my last trip was a good 6+ years ago. I am now fairly overweight and out of shape. I chose, being the one with a small amount of experience in the White Mountains, to go to Mount Chocorua and stay on the Bearcamp River at a campground I'd been to when I was young.

    We got to the area around 7pm and checked into the campground. We pitched our three tents and prepared for the night. We drove down the road a bit from the campground and got wood for fires. 7 bundles for only $10 what a deal. We burned through 3 bundles of wood from 8 to midnight.

    While we were sitting around the fire a woman from the site next to ours came over and asked us if we had children, ...
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  2. Smoke on the Water

    Alright Canada we're no longer friends any more and you can have your smoke back...

    So it has been hazy like no tomorrow today and it smells like a campfire outside all over town. I was outside and was thinking wow how many people are grilling and who has the fire going. Then I left the house and realized it was every where!

    And it is tough to sit out there without my eyes getting watery and burning. Damn you Canada!!
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  3. Insufficent space

    So I was installing a game last night and I let it go over night figuring by the morning it would be ready to play. But no, it wasn't. I had to clear some additional space for it.

    Since when was a 250GB HDD not enough for a few games and some music?

    Video games are getting super size on their hard drive consumption. It is tough for me to keep a few good games on the same drive without having to uninstall four games before installing the newest one.

    Steam has made it far easier for me considering I no longer have to keep track of the game discs and such, however, I still have a lot of games and when I see friends on steam playing a game I've got I want to be able to join them so I try and keep the ...

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  4. Motorola Droid [Review]

    So I some how busted my Blackberry on Thursday. I was using it in the morning to text and call folks but around 3pm I got a phone call and couldn't answer it, thought it was odd but was busying putting together a patio set so I put the phone on the table inside and went back to the stupid little wrenches and tight quarters in the furniture.

    After I had finished I went to call the person back on my phone, my mom. So I pick it up and I press the buttons to unlock it and no luck. It won't respond. I pop the battery out and give it a few moments then put it back in. It turns itself on, odd, and the screen lights up and then I see it finish booting. It stays lit only a few moments, I have it set to turn off the display after no use ...

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  5. First Post Part Deux

    So because my first one got forgotten by the internet, I'll just write a quick first post.

    An Overview of JB's gaming history.

    As a child started with Atari then Sega, N64, PS2, Xbox. Played alot of Halo 2 on XBL during high school by the gamer tag of JB2K2.

    College career starts and JB begins to play on the PC. Takes the name JBMCW2010 (Merrimack College Warrior planed Graduating year 2010). Played Vanguard Saga of Heroes as Jebus.

    After getting bored of playing the single player of BF2 JBMCW2010 went to the multiplayer and does a search for "Teamplay" as server name and comes across Texas Teamplayers and as the server was full at the time I go to the website listed and ...