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Real Life

  1. Mount Chocorua

    A buddy and I decided to start hiking, he had never gone and my last trip was a good 6+ years ago. I am now fairly overweight and out of shape. I chose, being the one with a small amount of experience in the White Mountains, to go to Mount Chocorua and stay on the Bearcamp River at a campground I'd been to when I was young.

    We got to the area around 7pm and checked into the campground. We pitched our three tents and prepared for the night. We drove down the road a bit from the campground and got wood for fires. 7 bundles for only $10 what a deal. We burned through 3 bundles of wood from 8 to midnight.

    While we were sitting around the fire a woman from the site next to ours came over and asked us if we had children, ...
    Life , Real Life
  2. Smoke on the Water

    Alright Canada we're no longer friends any more and you can have your smoke back...

    So it has been hazy like no tomorrow today and it smells like a campfire outside all over town. I was outside and was thinking wow how many people are grilling and who has the fire going. Then I left the house and realized it was every where!

    And it is tough to sit out there without my eyes getting watery and burning. Damn you Canada!!
    Life , Real Life