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Virtual Life

  1. Insufficent space

    So I was installing a game last night and I let it go over night figuring by the morning it would be ready to play. But no, it wasn't. I had to clear some additional space for it.

    Since when was a 250GB HDD not enough for a few games and some music?

    Video games are getting super size on their hard drive consumption. It is tough for me to keep a few good games on the same drive without having to uninstall four games before installing the newest one.

    Steam has made it far easier for me considering I no longer have to keep track of the game discs and such, however, I still have a lot of games and when I see friends on steam playing a game I've got I want to be able to join them so I try and keep the ...

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  2. Motorola Droid [Review]

    So I some how busted my Blackberry on Thursday. I was using it in the morning to text and call folks but around 3pm I got a phone call and couldn't answer it, thought it was odd but was busying putting together a patio set so I put the phone on the table inside and went back to the stupid little wrenches and tight quarters in the furniture.

    After I had finished I went to call the person back on my phone, my mom. So I pick it up and I press the buttons to unlock it and no luck. It won't respond. I pop the battery out and give it a few moments then put it back in. It turns itself on, odd, and the screen lights up and then I see it finish booting. It stays lit only a few moments, I have it set to turn off the display after no use ...

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