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Knee of Justice

  1. Vacationing

    a summary of the trip:

    -woke up at 4:30 to go to airport
    -flight leaves at 6:30
    -due to slight weather conditions, we are rerouted to Lafayette, Louisiana, instead of going to Houston, Texas
    -wait around in Lafayette for 2 hours until they deem is acceptable to fly to Houston
    -fly to Houston
    -we missed our flight to Cancun from Houston, because it left while we were in Lafayette
    -stood in line for a half hour so they could re-book our flight
    -get scheduled for 4:00 (2 hours from the current time)
    -to get to our new flight, we have to go to the C terminal
    -guess what? the cable car that takes you from terminal to terminal broke...
    -got fixed five minutes later, ...