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  1. Are You Driving Me Crazy??

    Hi TPG, here's another blog post I made for music. Please visit my blog to listen to this band I want to share with you. Seam is a 90s indie rock band.

    Are You Driving Me Crazy??
    Here's an album that you probably haven't heard of. Seam's Are You Driving Me Crazy? is a gem from the 90s. Here's the artwork.

    Pretty blue, i'nnit? For me, album art tends to set the tone for the music, but maybe it's the other way around. Looking at Seam's other album artwork, I can see that they're all basically monochromatic. 4 albums, each with their own color. I believe it had to be a conscious decision on Seam's part to assign the artwork ...
  2. Toe - The Future is Now EP REVIEW

    Just a bit of writing I put together the last couple of nights. I took a stab at reviewing a great set of songs just released.
    Check out my blog if you'd like to hear more. Daydream In Harmony

    Toe – The Future Is Now EP [2012] -- 9/10
    Toe is a Japanese math rock band that has put out mostly instrumental releases. However, they’ve been known to have some songs recorded with vocals—usually Japanese and usually quite hushed and non-dominating. Instead of having traditional vocal structures implemented, toe consistently relies on their expertly orchestrated instrumentation to transport the listener to their creative world. The signature sound that toe brings is highlighted by innovative and often surprising ...
  3. Some people just know what's up.

    I met a dude outside today while I was carrying my lunch back to my room after class. He's working on some construction outside my dorm, and both our paths cross so that we're walking next to eachother.

    He's smiling and seems to be enjoying himself. He says, "What do you got?"
    I shrug, and hold up my box. "A burrito."
    "Oh you only have enough for yourself"
    His joke made me laugh. "Yeah, haha."
    "Is it from Freebirds?"
    "Nah, school lunch. It’s alright—beef’s kinda cheap, though."
    Then he makes me laugh even more, "Well, that’s the whole deal. You’re working on a budget"

    There's truth in his words.